Small and Medium Sized Business organisations are often found spending of expenses for different tasks. Costs may be spent on various processes like production, purchase of raw materials, etc which has to be accurately modulated to arrive at proper conclusions. In order to cut down costs leveraged on various tasks trait software solutions can be implemented to accurately note down amount spent on day to day industrial events. Specialised solutions results in grabbing increased ROI within short term on smarter investment.  Automated structure takes care of end to end functionalities thereby reducing irrelevant expenses spent certainly saving time and money.


Proper administration of enterprise stays important to come out with successful productivity. Records generated on daily basis helps to achieve appropriate outputs.

Accurate Planning

Procurement of materials plays important role it is the major occupies major position in organisational pattern. If inventories are not maintained abruptly then it leads to create confusions. Up-to- date information on stocks analysation are to be done on number of items sent for production, goods ready for dispatching, most demanded products etc to meet newer opportunities.

Deployment of SAP Business One helps in accurate planning of purchase events upon which successful production outcomes could be obtained. It ensures to maintain right quantities of items throughout lot completion so that demand based planning end with actual outcomes satisfying customer’s desire.

Sub-Contracting Maintenance                       

Sub-Contracting of materials to third party vendors guides to complete your operations at right timing without any delay in processing. Record maintenance on stuffs issued to concerned vendors is to be updated in system easing reconciliation of stocks over time to time.

SAP B1 allows moving on with correct decisions regarding which products should be leveraged to particular contractors.  Parallel processing is note down in separate log such that individual transaction details are protected accurately without concealing any loss. Tighter control on these aids to sustain long term relationship with reliable afforders.

Sales and Customer Management

Acquiring of new customers and maintenance of existing clients stays important to process sales lifecycle in enriched mechanism. Entire sales records have to be reserved strictly to cater better support whenever assistance is being required by respective buyers.

Integrated functionality displays complete view of prospects upon which products of their own desire could be identified with ease since instant updations are made on changing preferences. From initial contact to order fulfillment improved customer satisfaction directs to reach higher profitability increasing sales concept.

Enhanced Productivity

Productivity marks standard of your company since increase in manufacturing aids to do strategic business processing gaining faster revenue. Real time access to required information at affordable pricing leads to work together efficiently enabling better output.

Multi-dimensional view on inbound and outbound processes leads to streamline entire activities under single structure thereby making exact productivity. Versatile user-friendly interface all employees of all levels to work united catering best products and services.

Reduce Paper Trails

Manual collection of details involves more paperwork in deriving out appropriate documentations. Physical storage occupies more space for printing and storing relevant documents. Cold storage system leads to degradation wasting time and effort on modulating several aspects.

Introduction of automated technology prevents you from losing important resources since real time gathering and updations on centralised web server system note down even minute information happening in all departments making your respective authorities to stay informed and access it whenever it’s required with ease.

Reporting and Administration

Auditing about events happened in your industry occupies key role since it says about the profit or loss in revenue earned by you.  Live monitoring and reporting would be a trait solution to end with sound decisions. Future planning and execution totally depends on current scenario so optimal data is important.

SAP Crystal Reports generated by common database SAP HANA greatly helps users to access and fetch required facts at any time. Pre-defined dashboards and reports enable productivity tools to gather produce authentic details which can be viewed through limitations set on controlled accessing.

Mobile Based Solutions

If ability is granted to run your business at any time from any locale then you can stay in touch with business and be there without any stress. Regulation of workflow supports to achieve quoted outputs and stay in touch with your organisation. Efficient monitoring of assets paves way to attain high success rate.

Options provided on SAP Business One mobility Software bring in web technology to track and monitor every individual activity in your concern. Proactive alerts sent to authorized personalities removes distance communication as well as stays like bridge to establish relationship between sales managers and consumers.


Systems, Applications and Products (SAP) are great solution from ERP software products. At Indus Novateur we develop SAP solutions to integrate key industrial process in a unified format. As a SAP company we derive new concepts to enrich complete functionalities. We implement SAP solutions for all type of industries to automate business process. Being a SAP Partner we combine industrial knowledge and grant solution to all several sectors that supports clients to feel comfortable in managing technical tasks. SAP solutions include Business One, HANA, All in One, Cloud for Customers merge all entities together. Our solution covers all modules from finance, sales, marketing, purchase, inventory management, contract management, HR management to establishing customer relationship.

It is stated that SAP implemented companies process their requests easily yielding high return on investment. Planning of work flow process in an organisation aids to enhance production. We are leading SAP solution provider in Chennai, Coimbatore, Mumbai and Bangalore. Our varied solutions includes the following,

  • SAP Business One- We are a SAP B1company deriving solutions for small and midsized industries at affordable pricing.
  • SAP All in One- We are solution Provider Company integrating all functionalities at a single point.
  • SAP HANA- In-memory platform on SAP to store data in RAM instead of hard disk.
  • SAP Cloud for Customer- SAP solution is to enhance sales process through closer engagement with clients.

SAP solutions provided by us solve industry specific requirements based on which enterprise entities get operated in a simplified approach increasing organisation’s pride among varied competitive community. Clear cut solution guides to define operational excellence properly to go in streamlined procedure.

With introduction of these systems companies can move towards real time management even from remote locations.   Deployment of SAP Solutions combined with HANA platform is a new generation software application to store data in a centralized cloud system giving out real time accessing experience.


  • SAP Solutions is applicable to any type of industrial processing thereby increasing economic value of both industries and country.
  • SAP Solutions allows business owner to operate functionalities from remote locations enhancing your values.
  • Conditions indulged in SAP keeps information in secured method. It restricts access of third party members thereby maintaining privacy of data.
  • Customer applications on SAP like C4C are developed in more than 19 languages to assist them for acknowledging their needs easily.
  • Customized SAP Solutions allows to take faster decisions based on which buyers can attain drastic growth attaining high profit.
  • SAP keenly monitors entire functionalities certainly reduces fraudulent activities carried out in an enterprise.
  • End to end process out sourcing are managed effectively through varied SAP solutions.
  • SAP supports industries with mobility service by integrating all analytics into a mobile application thereby spreading communication among team members and shoppers with ease.
  • Innovative technology gives solution based on certain defined standards that sets cost accordingly increasing business values.

SAP Solutions are provided based on,

  • Technology
  • Type of solution carried out by industry
  • Trends and values
  • Number of users
  • Range whether small or large.
  • Critical processes.
  • Planning criteria for producing quality products

Are gathered and produced as solution according to specified requests. SAP support given by us helps industries to add values in competitive environment.

SAP Solutions for Industries

  • Manufacturing
  • Trading
  • Automotive
  • Textile and garments
  • Chemicals and pharmaceuticals
  • Oil and gas
  • Construction
  • Food processing industries
  • Agriculture
  • Professional services etc get benefits out of SAP Solutions.

Different types of SAP Applications

Services delivered from us are as follows,

SAP Business One

  • We are an SAP B1 company deriving management software to companies in implementing functional operations easily.
  • All modules from financial accounting to customer relationship are utilized easily through automated and integrated software solution.
  • Optimizing and scheduling of activities can be planned and managed easily through which efficiency and productivity of concern increases.
  • Industry specific software product comes out with innovative ideas enrich your values according to current and future trends.
  • Addition of new features and functionalities makes our software to be distinct among various solution providers 


  • SAP All in One combines core process in a unified method to processes requests with ease satisfying day to day needs.
  • All in One covers your business plan thereby enabling efficient handling and administration of your company.
  • Lot of small scale to large scale companies obtains benefit through SAP consultant enhancing performance according to market trends.
  • Digital environment granted by All in One gathers information from various sources of industry resulting in industrial people to stay updated.
  • Important assets and resources are effectively managed and monitored through SAP solutions increasing productivity.
  • Reports for all functions and transactions delivered to central web server eases auditing process to retain success factors.


  • In-memory platform is used store data in a centralized system that is kept for accessing by business people.
  • Performance increases through efficient handling of data grading organisations value.
  • Columnar data storage allows fast retrieval of required information. HANA storage avoids redundancy of data enabling efficient database management.
  • Reports on HANA database will be available all time so that appropriate authorities can utilize it whenever they are in need of from remote locations.


  • SAP Cloud for Customers is a distinct solution drafted to support buyers regarding sales of products.
  • C4C grants solution to user requirements through direct interaction between purchasers and sales team representatives.
  • It ensures proper management of emptor orders triggering product delivery at right time.
  • Mobility option provided in SAP Solution allows consumers to search products of desire such that resolving of queries happens easily.

Our company provides SAP Solutions for industries to take care of administration to be carried out in a sophisticated method making organisation to uplift its name in digital scenario. Software products developed helps firms to update their working methodology in simplified way.