Conversion to SAP S/4HANA – Unlocking Potential

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Every business organization must decide the correct timetable for its particular resourcing and planning prerequisites. In any case, our experience demonstrates that those that move early are ready to get the most out of utilizations explicitly intended for the computerized world and are the first to profit by SAP S/4HANA advancements.

SAP S/4HANA can possibly drastically change and enhance all basic endeavour capacities from co-ordinations and client benefit through to promoting and back. It empowers organizations to keep running continuously, giving the capacity to execute, investigate and foresee immediately and proactively in an undeniably capricious world.




Key collision with SAP

  • We have broad experience as SAP’s recognized usage band together with comprehensive SAP specialists internationally. Our profound and longstanding association with SAP that ranges more than 40 years results in exceptional joint effort and co-development activities.
  • Indus and SAP are teaming up at a remarkable level to quicken advancement of SAP S/4HANA and in addition industry and line-of-business arrangements.
  • SAP has united with a coalition accomplice to quicken improvement of its centre item, and additionally fabricate new industry cloud arrangements, giving us special info, understanding and advancement openings.

Profound item Knowledge

  • SAP HANA preceding its unique discharge, to comprehend this bleeding edge stage and how it can enable associations to get the most out of their information.
  • As it offers some benefit disclosure workshops, confirmation of ideas and pilots to customers around the globe.
  • The SAP utilizes configuration considering and coordinated strategies to advance at speed by quickly planning, creating and conveying industry and cross-industry applications that expand the capacities of the SAP S/4HANA.


Digitalization at the forefront

Incorporated Reporting and Analysis

Ongoing data and advanced incorporation on account of the “installed” applications

New User Experience

Current part construct client encounter based with respect to SAP FIORI and empowered by the rich encounters of HTML5

Application Optimizations

The expanded framework speed and disentangled information display quickens key procedures as cluster handling is quickened ten times

Enhanced Scalable Solution

Enhanced frameworks scene and the decision between various sending alternatives offer custom-made arrangements


Business change

SAP S/4HANA is intended to give business change to your association. This change might be unpretentious or extremely emotional. Every association will approach S/4HANA from an alternate benchmark, with various goals and in this manner, there isn’t a solitary arrangement of thought processes to move to S/4HANA.

Improved information demonstrate

One of the centre ideas of S/4HANA is the adjustment in which information is held inside it. The new information models will altogether lessen the extent of the database which thusly will prompt execution advantages and equipment cost decreases. The new information model will enable procedures to be performed in a less intricate way and revealing can be disentangled as the greater part of the information is currently in a decreased number of tables.

Enhanced client encounter

SAP Fiori is accessible inside S/4HANA to enhance your clients’ involvement. Fiori lessens the volume of keystrokes that are required to play out an exchange. This thus liberates up your clients’ a great opportunity to include esteem somewhere else. Fiori is likewise more natural along these lines preparing and testing expenses will be not exactly those related with a conventional arrangement.

Constant investigation

Installed investigation gives a universe of chances to associations. Gone are the long stretches of removing information from ECC into SAP BW, and after that changing the information to meet revealing prerequisites, Constant revealing is currently accessible straightforwardly from S/4HANA. This streamlined approach prompts improved basic leadership, utilizing important information. In turn, the speed and usefulness of SAP HANA evacuate the need to use disconnected techniques to create reports and utilize explanatory devices.

SAP S/4HANA can leverage the Business value

Step by step instructions to continue:

Characterize esteem drivers: Use configuration thinking with exhibitions to characterize the SAP application technique that suits your business best

Fabricate the business case:

Build up comprehension of the estimation of S/4HANA for your business – from the meaning of reception drivers to P&L effect

Show Proof of Concept:

Convey a Proof of Concept to audit the SAP S/4HANA utilize cases in detail and recognize the effect on your key procedures

Evaluate the future arrangement:

Execute extra profound jumps on SAP S/4HANA to additionally comprehend the specialized ramifications and undertaking organization costs

Characterize incorporated guide:

Characterize your customized relocation system and target scene on-premise and on cloud

Send the arrangement:

Quick and dexterous conveyance of the SAP S/4HANA arrangement, venture

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