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Enterprise Resource Planning business management software solution is used to manage overall functionalities. We are an ERP company working to provide solution for our customers to manage operations in a customized approach. It can be utilized at every stage of industrial process to automate technical operations in a unique mechanism. Services provided by our company help them to operate their process without more knowledge on technical basis. With ERP Cloud service we advent resources towards digital environment on real time basis.

Comprehensive solution provided over ERP software package aids organisational owners to carry out wide spread processes forcefully. Our innovative solution is flexible to all types of industries who wish to change and activate process in an automated way leading to take wise decisions. ERP cloud is used to store data at centralized system allowing accessing from remote locale. Our branches across Chennai, Coimbatore, Mumbai and Bangalore, works on developing new software packages on ERP according to individual requirements of our customers.

Completely integrated system makes entire workflow outsourcing to be carried out with ease highlighting firm name in competitive environment.  Flexible solution adapts to changing scenarios. Affordable solutions are applicable for small to large enterprises. It provides navigation among multiple resources based on which efficient deals are made possible.

iNexus ERP a new form of cloud based software solution develops digital scenario to small and mid-sized companies like workshop, retails, real estates, and leasing etc can utilize software package to handle functional operations easily by exposing several activities towards latest technologies.

Things to be noted before implementing ERP solution

  • Specific requirements of industries should be solved by ERP applications.
  • Only certified organisations should be selected since their software sets conditional trademark.
  • Should incorporate all essential modules with highly scalable solution.
  • Cost effective yet robust solution yield from development perspective.
  • Guidance to process client requests exists easily through which market space of users gets enlarged.
  • Support should be provided for changing needs of organisation.
  • ERP solution should be able to track and process details on real time.
  • Customizable options should be integrated to work in digital scenario supporting business criteria’s.


Why to go for ERP solutions

  • Implementation of ERP reduces manual operations thereby minimizing errors and allows taking quicker decisions.
  • Apart from accounting it groups together all essential functions of organisation to have enhanced user interface technology platform.
  • Ability to withstand in changing environment should be provided by ERP product.
  • Business forecasting provided out of ERP software increases efficiency in utilizing enterprise resources.
  • Secured system combines entire process in a distinct way, restricting third party people accessing details of your company.
  • Upgrades in system easily achieved through our software solution.
  • Automated application connects all industrial operations in a unique way increasing productivity of products.
  • Mobile applications on ERP solution displays all details similar to that of PC enabling employees to get instant notifications on changing circumstances increasing effective management of organisation.
  • Reporting functionality catered by software product assist its users to audit profit and loss of production and sales process in a concern.
  • Cloud computing data accessing allows information storage in a highly secured method preventing loss of confidential data.
  • Digitalized infrastructure gives access to employees about what is actually needed for them hiding other irrelevant details.

Processes operated by ERP Software are,


Handling of financial process in an organisation exists easily across ERP.  Integrated system gives real time information on transactions making profit and loss, sales and purchase, invoices etc are verification easier for auditing purposes on capital revenue.


  • Sales stand as important criteria of any organisation. SM module of ERP solution allows to enhance sales of firm products. From contacting of customers to conformation of business deals are stored in a centralized system enabling it useful for further references.
  • This module tracks orders and its delivery building survey on individual marketing of every product to come into scenario.
  • Tracking of details on lost orders occurs upon using integrated solution. Prediction of reasons on lost products happens effortlessly thereby improving sales orders.


  • Purchase of new products gets automatically recorded. Planning of what material is needed is decided according to customer preferences.
  • Contract management and dealer identification are maintained prior to purchase in order to reasonable identify and pick out source able vendor.
  • Once with vendor is readily for our quotation then purchase process begins with material management.
  • Pre and post process on purchase are stored in system easing process of auditing financial statements.


  • Demand based production stands as an important resource of organisation. Planning of what product to be product at various timings stands at top of production planning.
  • Integrated system makes efficient planning on standard production. Operational process on serial production management can be processed with this system.
  • Planning Production, scheduling of machineries etc done easily with our ERP software system.


  • Customers always prefer for quality products when they attempt to purchase a product. Inspection on client driven quality checks should be done to deliver quality products to customers.
  • Grade monitoring on how product configures to requirements is tested to detect and rectify errors associated with standard assurance.
  • Validation checking on whether it satisfies specified requirements should be checked to enhance product qualities.


  • Human Resource module covers all features associated with organisational management. HR department can manage entire processing with ease.
  • Automated system works in a unique way to manage employee’s details easily. Activities like name, profile, their activities, payroll, functional production, working aspects etc are effectively administered over ERP technology.
  • Time and personal development of HR management system gets enriched through designated solution.


  • Customer satisfaction is very much important for all type of industries. Delivering right quality products to buyers is important process to be handled in an organisation.
  • Solving customer queries instantly stands at top since it initiates to start up of long lasting deals and commitments.
  • Mobile applications for consumers are provided through which they can view organisation’s profile, communicate directly with sales team in order to solve queries thereby promoting sales deals.
  • Customer relationship module not only increases auction opportunities but also paves way to enlarge your partners and values.

Therefore implementation of software supports to survive strong in challenging environment in such a way that gives transparency across all resources utilization in an organisation. Significant ERP system maximizes enterprise activities with efficient user interface.  Since ERP system shows distinct way to operate functionalities it greatly increases efficiency and productivity of industries.

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