Development of mobile applications will be helpful for customers to engage directly with organisation. Mobility apps developed for specified criteria integrate all functionalities associated with industrial process. Our solution is useful for any type of enterprises that would like to make their concern digital in order to enhance standards. Expansion of firm operations easily occurs thereby enhancing productivity and efficiency. Faster deployment into user devices provides greater accessibility towards your quality products. Mobile applications cover overall functionalities from, sales, administration, production and more to enlarge customer relationship leading to obtain more opportunities.

Innovative software solutions help industries to uplift your process in unique way to attain success. Management of business analytics occurs effortlessly through mobile apps. B2B process outsourcing and handling becomes simple with incorporation of our products. Higher accessibility from remote locations happens via web based communication establishment on worldwide.

Artificial intelligence program allows firm owners to virtually connect with their community even from remote locations. Penetration towards mobile applications guides respective executives to smartly track every operation in and out of their concern. At Indus, we develop mobile apps for various OS like Android, Windows and iOS.



  • Introduction of business based software applications gives accessibility towards entire firm process.
  • In near future our apps would rule entire world of industries in order to efficiently manage internal and external resources.
  • Small and large scale enterprise infrastructure can adopt growing technology to ensure propagation towards all operations similar to that of websites.
  • User friendly applications allow purchasers to directly engage with respective owners’ thereby increasing sales order day by day adding name to your concern.


  • In world of competitive environment, consumers want their requirements to be fulfilled within shorter time period. Implementation of mobile applications would stand as a key point upon which accessibility towards industrial products gets eased.
  • It serves as an important source as buyers can utilize it to start soulful business deals by creating awareness.
  • Financial transaction gets completed within a minute over remote communication establishment enabling direct marketing platform.
  • Better services to clients are catered by adopting mobile services. It satisfies purchasers in such a way that they attempt to maintain long term relationships with your concern.


  • Brand image of industry are created with route map towards mobile apps. It allows organisations to grasp target mortals easily thereby reinventing purchase orders.
  • Mobile apps are provided with social media integration feature to achieve attention of many users even who did not know about your app.
  • Employees get linked together within an instant. Sharing of information happens easily among professional people increasing service to patron.
  • Penetration of mobile apps totally reduces distance between shoppers and employees. This connectivity paves way for people to order and buy products from any geographical locations.

Withstands Market Trends

  • Apart from traditional traders Smartphone based mobile applications grasps attention of more number of users certainly uplifting market space.
  • Attention towards specific customer’s individuality products can be obtained with help of this software solution.
  • Push notifications will be sent to vendees during launch of new products acknowledging about distinct products profile in increasing trends.
  • Feedback from them helps concerned representatives to increase production based on their preferences to withstand in market trends.

Mobile apps give following beneficial approach to your management

Reduces waiting time of customers

  • In conventional scenario buyers usually have to wait for long time to buy a product of their desire. Implementation of particular mobile application helps to buy product within an instant.
  • Launch of mobile apps gives majority of information about customised products ultimately improvising your standardizations.
  • Digitalized resolution give details similar to that of web browsing reducing waiting time of consumers.

Apps give notifications at stipulated time period

  • Proclamation on addition of new products is announced to end users. It gives out clear visibility towards stocks available upon which sales process gets increased.
  • Marketing and branding of complete products could be achieved easily with help of unified mobile apps.
  • Consistent methodology supports to widen your area among competitors since they reach out to client prospects within short time. 

Cost effective solution

  • Digital marketing platform is affordable aspect when compared to other web based scenarios.
  • Popularity of concern gets activated with the aid of mobile applications.
  • Simplified structure helps to grow business by providing quick response to queries in a secured methodology.

Apart from these beneficial support following applications are gained with mobile apps

  • If purpose is rightly defined then application will give end result on popularizing standards achieving more users across geographical workspace.
  • Reduction in time and resource utilization guides respective managers to identify availability of stock. This effective solution increase product productivity based on demands in market and customer preferences.
  • Distinct requirements of industries should be specified during development of mobile applications. Convenient system predicts actual needs to look out performance of employees.
  • Mobile applications for organisational purpose help employees to synchronize their day to day activities that make them to do tasks completely and on time.
  • Ease and support provided by computing resource adds promotion of enterprise in progressive way to reach success within shorter time period.

Responsibility of managers in recreating organisation into digital world is done through well established system. Precisely it is stated that introduction of mobile apps for Android, Windows and iOS Operating Systems helps users to manage their own activities as well as consumers in a positive methodology. Essential modules are covered to boost profitability within short term of introducing mobile app.

ERP based mobility solutions make your environment peaceful to carry out consistent operations without delay promoting your own values among competitors and customers. Implementation of these applications for android, windows and iOS mobile platforms leads to usage of apps by every users increasing number of applicants.

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