SAP S/4 HANA 1809 Latest Release Highlights 2019 Overview

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To simplify the changing environment of the various industry and their potential clients a new and fresh generation of technology outbreaks the process in SAP S4 HANA 1809 smart update. Targeting the new innovation the comprehensive and existing technology is updated with new functionalities for innovation.

The 1809 update brings to detect and resolve features which can override the manual entries to the comprehensive automation environment.  The solutions are pre-packed and build to handle informative information from leading features through specialized platforms.

Anomaly Detection has also been introduced, where it uses machine learning to detect expenses involving fraud, seasonal effects, wrong bookings and unusual process solutions in businesses.



Idea behind the 1809

  • Simplify applications as data information
  • Guided procedure from client through comprehensive migration process
  • No programming by the customer required
  • Flexible for integration of custom business data included transformations
  • Tool is already included in your S/4HANA license
  • Made for migrating data from both SAP and non-SAP sources into SAP S/4HANA (on-premise) (Cloud)

Revealing more than expectations


  • Central Finance is financial data hub for real-time
  • Intercompany reconciliation report

Sales & Distribution

  • Simplified Sales Order creation
  • Perform split analyses in billing and invoicing
  • Approval workflow for credit memo requests

Retail and Fashion Industry

  • Merchandise Management through warehouse management integration
  • Fashion & Retail enhanced management

Customer Management

  • Embedded Service Management with eliminated middleware, a harmonized data model

Sourcing and Procurement

  • Centralized hub for transaction and central contract management
  • Integration with SAP applications

Digital Manufacturing

  • Demand-driven visibility and interactive planning
  • Capacity evaluation and adjustment controllers

Asset Management

  • Overview Page for Planner
  • Technical Object Damage Analysis
  • Task list and operations

Inventory Management

  • Predictive analytics/machine learning for decision support
  • Posting goods receipt for production order


  • Variant Configuration multi-level classification
  • Product marketability and compliance

Quality Management

  • Quality Inspection recording results
  • Complaint management recording/monitoring
  • Analyze KPI’s for quality management data

Extended Warehouse Management

  • Item Unique Identification
  • New report to classify products based on tasks

Supply Chain Management

  • Advanced Available To Promise with Alternative-Based-Confirmations
  • Product allocations calculate non-reserving availability

Embedded Transportation Management

  • Mixed parallel Building and load optimization
  • Carrier invoicing through SAP Logistics Business Network

Utilities Industry

  • Analytical insight and exception resolution in utilities
  • Analysis of meter reading in billing and invoicing

Migration Cockpit

  • Transferring Data Using Staging Tables
  • Adjust the migration objects with the Object Modeler
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