Web Portal Development Scenarios

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Handling a full range of web portal development scenarios

Indus Novateur is situated to convey comprehensive portal arrangements of a wide assortment of sorts, extension and complexity. Also, whatever the hidden situation, we guarantee conveyance of a dynamic affair to your clients, accomplices and representatives are intuitively searching for.

Our portal allows the users with several operational entities across comprehensive key areas, this allows the customers to communicate with various operations through our effective dashboards. This dashboards and reports are equipped with workforces even for sharing confidential information securely across various business group areas.


Web Portal development
Vendor Portal development
Customer Portal development
Employee Portal development
E-Commerce Portal development

The various portals enhance customer experiences with various effective channels with easy update information for various communication purposes. This helps in serves the customers with quick and credits the user interactions with the portals with single solutions eliminating redundancies in the digital workplace.

Domain Expertise in development

Web Portal

A web-based platform which serves information from a single source at the single interface in context to customer supporting digital platforms with user personalized or customized data. Our web portal helps in access control over the user personalization, data integration, task management, navigation, and notification.

Vendor Portal

A web-based solution to the customers which allows them to use information and leading business transactions, from B2B or B2C solutions on the basis on the idea for promoting comprehensive self-service accessing with affordable cost via a secure login. As it is a streamlined environment with collaborative to various enterprise disputes in the business.

Customer Portal

The customer portal helps in answering the modern demands at changing expectations. The customer can able to access the account, history, outcomes, demand forecasting, etc. From this, the customer can access the company’s information and can able to automate the tasks assigned in real-time and update the relevant data’s quickly and efficiently.

Employee Portal

The employees can streamline corporate communications with the organizations through this employee portal. A solid vision in the employee can utilize the company’s information and employee data for eliminating the inefficient process in the workflow. The user experience helps the employees to engage the business whiteboards with deep understanding.

E-Commerce Portal

E-Commerce portals help the business in interactions through the customers with suppliers, the integrated portal accommodates the comprehensive B2B and B2C with maximum growth. By facilitating and incorporating the broad range of business categories into the e-commerce business offering and assisting user transaction channels to the fast-growing world.

Treasure of Indus Portal Development

Integration Capability

Indus helps the user to connect multiple data solutions with implementation and integration of third-party web service, comprehensive payment terms, information feeds and other social collaboration tools.

Scalability and Performance

As to the Digital Transformation, our portal never stops evolving throughout the incredible design and flexible infrastructure in growth and affordable engagements with the customers and their users.

Business Continuity

Our unique development approach is built with an extensive platform with automation at every step, by deploying its solutions in the right way the customer can operate seamlessly at an affordable cost.

360° Security

In aspects of security, the transaction data’s are highly secure with comprehensive data encryption and digital signatures with various authentications in all aspects of audit transactions.

Our Approach to customers

Client commitment

  • Portable neighbourly, versatile plan with a bound together look-and-feel over all screens.
  • Intelligent devices like criticism shapes, number crunchers, individual cupboards, etc.
  • Content personalization dependent on the client’s role and collaboration history.
  • Media-rich pages showing implanted media transferred straightforwardly or facilitated by means of different sites.
  • Clear site route on account of all-around organized data design and solid pursuit usefulness
  • APIs for incorporation with versatile mobile applications.

Unwavering quality

  • Adaptability to deal with the developing number of clients and information.
  • Elite to guarantee clients can get to the substance and instruments rapidly.
  • Data security, we acquire an involvement in security insight to protect your information and clients from unapproved access, extortion and different dangers.

Simple substance the board

  • The simple substance to the user data.
  • Non-specialized clients can refresh the substance effectively and routinely.
  • Bound together substance distributing styles to convey the request to data and guarantee trustworthiness amid the entry refreshes.
  • A wide range of substance pages: accessible item/administration indexes, ongoing estimating and stock survey, sight and sound displays, e-cupboards, writes, etc.


  • Computerized incorporation with different business frameworks, for example, ERP, CRM, HRM, web-based business arrangements and others.
  • Programming interface improvement to ensure tight incorporation with your clients’/sellers’ ERP frameworks, if necessary.

SAP with Web Portal Add-Ons

Indus takes portal development stage well beyond the challenge. With complete incorporation to the deal various process elements from any web, just as check request statuses and furnish knowledge on charging asks with no re-structuring of information.

Our activities also take along with SAP ERP portals and Add-Ons as per customer requirements based on industry-specific modules, where the customer can access the accurate and up to date information 24/7 online.

  • ERP Web Portal
  • SAP Business One Web Portal
  • SAP HANA Web Portal
  • SAP S/4 HANA Web Portal
  • SAP Cloud Platform Web Portal

It’s a brilliant solution to customers through simple integration of SAP ERP Web Portal development with various with automation which enables your business to expand lead transformation through our enterprise portal development add-ons, deals efficiency and conjecture precision with the accompanying capacities.

A Startup Guide to Web Portal

Purpose of your portal:

The purpose of the portal to which we serve must be answered. And the answer to the question must be from a clear understanding of the portal process in the business which we have undergone.

Goals of the portal:

The goals must accomplish the business needs, as the primary motive must be decided to share information as per future plans in the business.

Research & Market Analysis:

Determine the market needs and demands of the enterprise business, and check the growth of the competitor from the initial stage to annual growth to achieve our goals.

Target Customer:

By our portal service must benefit to users or vendors we serve through our products and service that serve and to justify from our enterprise business.

Technology Innovations

We apply the most appropriate innovations for your business needs and guarantee a colossal dimension of personalization and convenience of your entrance. Acquiring abundant involvement in web advancement, we offer to our customers with comprehensive solutions.

Recognizing the unpredictable idea of business, we guarantee a gateway’s design permits in a hurry changes innocuously to its execution. Be it a colossal entry serving a huge number of clients with complex usefulness or a little clever arrangement, our specialists ensure it benefits the Customer’s business with a solid online picture.

Technologies Adopted

S. No Concept Description
1 Browsers Any Browser
2 Device Computers, Tablets, Or Mobile Devices
3 Front-End CSS, Bootstrap
4 Back-End PHP
5 Protocols HTTP
6 Data Formats JSON, XML, CSV
7 Database MongoDB,  MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server
8 Libraries jQuery, Underscore
9 FrameWorks Node.js, Moment.js, Bootstrap, Backbone.js
10 Programming Languages Javascript, jQuery, PHP
11 CMS Word Press
12 Cross-Platform Phone Gap / Cordova

Leverage the real-time portal development

  • Seamless Integrate to your any type of business system
  • Completely Customizable & Flexibility to integrate any data
  • Secured Access with Protected business data transactions
  • Accessible with Powerful Search to find any available data
  • Quick Deployment through fast customized departments
  • Zero Administration in healthy with no monitoring required

Industries we serve

  • Textile, Spinning & Garments
  • Machine Tools
  • Foundry & Casting
  • Automotive Components
  • Defence
  • Trading & Distribution
  • FMCG
  • Retail
  • Oil & Gas
  • Granite
  • Pump
  • Media
  • Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences
  • EPC
  • Logistics

Final Thought

By engaging Indus, the customer can get various features including reporting, dashboard and analytics with the daily or weekly or monthly activities. This solution helps customers to process various information related to corporate architecture which helps the enterprise system to optimize work and engage data with robust and transparent analysis from the enterprise level.

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