Business Management software solution SAP integrates and automates industrial operations faster and easier. SAP ERP software solution can be implemented in wide spread branches of a company based on which information sharing becomes simple. Integrated system unifies and covers entire functional modules in order to obtain optimum results. Implementation of our solution into your organisation leverages efficient way to carry out functionalities increasing productivity and efficiency. Customized product not only modernizes administration but also popularizes fame and name of your concern.



SAP B1 business management software that is used to integrate activities of small and midsized enterprises. This two tier client server architectural model covers business processing with a common database avoiding data duplication. Instant access to required data is possible in SAP Business One software system, since it supports for changing business trends. Faster decision making is made possible with this system through which response to requested data is done easily.


SAP All in one software solution developed to cater solution for large scale business enterprises according to their individual industrial requirements. This personalized system can be installed into system quickly and cost effectively based on which best business practices can be done.Implementation of this solution consults business management in such a way that smooth functioning of business gets processed.


SAP HANA means High Performance Analytic Appliance is an in memory system used to store data on RAM instead of hard disk. It uses cloud computing technology in order to store data with high security so as to have real time data analytics. HANA system reduces usage of multiple systems for storage of data leading way towards digital economy. Every business data like inventory data, warehouse data, transactional, invoice etc can be made available in the cloud storage to have fast accessing and retrieval of information.


SAP C4C unique Customer Relationship Software solution developed to assists organisational people in sales management. This application gives information about organisation to the customers based on which they can analyze availability of their desired products. SAP Solution builds trust among the customers in accessing required information. Details of customers are maintained in a separate log so that only authorized professionals can view their data easily.



Campaign management on various products of company is done through SAP solutions. The marketing team collaborates easily with customers through mobile apps and social media to reach target customers.


Selling of industrial commodities to customers is involved in sales process happens through well established customer relationship. SAP CRM Solution allows customers to access and order products at any time and from any location.


Management of details about purchase of raw materials, machineries etc are formatted under purchase module. Integrated with every functional processing of industry so that requirement for need of materials can be gathered and purchased.

Inventory Management

Maintenance of available stocks in industry are detected with this solution. It helps to analyze sales orders through which goods moving out of warehouse are recorded.

Material Management

Tracking of available raw materials and assets in organisation can be maintained with this system. Purchase and material management are interlinked so that procurement process in an organisation can be carried out consistently.


From planning to scheduling, allocation and completion of production according to requirements quoted by clients are processed under production module. It takes care of production process to be completed within budget so that supply chain processing can be easily done.

Testing Product Quality

Verifying whether specified quality determinations are met. This system takes care of all components through which products specifications are correctly met.

Human Resource Management

Gathering and monitoring details of employee’s attendance, payroll etc. is done automatedly. This system supports employees in sharing of information through which they can be aware of events occurring in their company

Customer Relationship Management

Details, queries and sales process of customers are maintained in separate log. Interaction, accessing and assistance granted to customers are maintained in this system.



  • Modules are designed to integrate diversified information from various resources and maintained it in a centralised system making data accessing faster and easier.
  • Configured system handles entire data with high security eliminating occurrence of errors and redundancy.
  • Production process is collaborated with all departments. Automated solution updates details to all departments so that production process occurs in sequential order without any breaks.
  • Integrated software customized according to definite requirements of industries meets growing needs of organisation.
  • Direct interaction with customers takes sales process towards profitable way.


  • Time Management.
  • Cost effective for particular industrial requirements.
  • Reporting on processing.
  • Increases Productivity.
  • Speed to data accessing.
  • Production to supply chain management of products.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Immediate access to required information.
  • Mobile applications.
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