After Sales Addons

Even after sales of materials regular guidance are granted to customers by using SAP Solutions. Timely support is rendered to resolve difficulties faced by clients optimizing business strategies. Services are generated through request posting onto vendors in order to get updates regardingly. Entire lifecycle of product activity are stored in historical format for easy viewing purposes. Deeper understanding of customer needs aids to come up with excellent service to withstand in competition.  Integration of SAP technology is helpful to consumer and manufacturer as it paves way to stay connected resolving issues as soon as it occurs.


  • Tracking and management of difficulties faced by purchasers streamlines internal functionalities upon which allocation of individual happens at right timing.
  • Regular inspection on quality matters audits turnaround time period on inspection in order to deliver qualified commodities to end users standardizing your value.
  • Integrated technology allows organisational technicians to view their workload and plan accordingly thereby prompting to increase efficiency in their performance.
  • Problems related to vendors, products or employees are quickly identified cutting down exceeding time spent for diagnoses to derive knowledge about it.
  • Clients independently raise tickets if they face any complications in using purchased product such that technical support is catered solving those dilemmas.


  • Details on services like serial no, date, mode of complaints, whether it is solved or not are grouped under single platform for performing further process.
  • Service level management made between vendors and buyers acquires proficient lifecycle pattern from solution managers to refine existing breakthrough events.
  • Deeper understanding and discussion of consumer needs paves way to arrive at excellent service resulting in attractive sales processing according to their desire.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications are provided to stay connected with technical representatives such that assistance is granted whenever it is being needed.
  • Capture, document, and track all user requests from creation to resolution of sales order analyzing root cause for occurrence in user interface methodology.
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