Budgeting Addons

Tracking and Monitoring of Funds in an organisation occurs easily through SAP technology. Budget Control systems (BCS) supports to do execution of resources in accordance with requirement. Acquire higher positions on market place by adopting effective planning strategy. Implementation of automated system controls and cut down costs through best business practices strategies. Budgeting operations groups entire organisational accounting under single structure such that framing of cash flow turns out to be simple. Business transactions are recorded in order to analyze status and overcome issues on day to day processing using SAP tool.


  • Accelerate planning cycle by adopting real time insights, with clear visibility on internal operations and decision making on how annual financial flow occurs.
  • Allocation of resources appears based on funds planned at final stage thereby streamlining functionalities on project creation grasping new business opportunities.
  • Live mapping of financial expenses enables industries to perform better on production and sales of products gradually increasing capital revenue of your concern.
  • Mobility options launched by SAP for budgeting pulls down up to date information on real time insights occurring day to day duties related to finance of project.
  • Entire information on amount spent is readily available on apps, since it is based on cloud computing platform SAP HANA prompting analysis from any locale.


  • Integrated solution makes Line of Business (LOB) to freely get records and statistics for money spent in varied categories like accounts, cost centers, internal orders.
  • Since budgeting stands out to be a critical task integrated solution creates a detailed workflow giving different dimension for firm users to frame economical charges.
  • Balance your company’s ecosystem with the usage of integrated service system. Comprehensive solution combines with existing structure giving reports up-to-date.
  • Goals of a concern are fulfilled by proper utilization of user friendly tools designed to create attractive platform for independent accessing of Financial and accounting.
  • Reports generated for sales, production, purchase orders etc guides to obtain detailed overview on outlay and remaining affairs available after completion of project.
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