EPC Addons

SAP Enterprise Project Connection is derived to connect work order data from different project management tools. Data from different portfolios like Oracle, Microsoft, and Primavera etc can be integrated onto SAP ERP system via EPC. It is also used to synchronize info from plant maintenance of third party system simplifying accessing and updating. EPC provides a unique framework to configure and deploy project management solutions from various sources. Manual processing on reporting, duplications on entry, and more are eliminated reducing man power activity. Cross application platform creates easy transfer of orders between systems along with display results for each transfers.


  • Synchronization with contextual details enables to perform faster decision making certainly reducing manual intervention on operating project functionalities.
  • If any work or project is transferred across another interface then Job ID is created in order to acknowledge administrators on what type of transfer had happened.
  • Batch wise processing on consigning one or more job orders are also made possible on SAP EPC system for analyzing project status implemented in another domain.
  • Data movements after successful completion renders results and updates in digital display allowing authorized persons to know information on individual executions.
  • Total cost of ownership lowers irrelevant costing since customised procedure mitigates risk involved in organizing functional flow of Project management.


  • SAP Enterprise Project Connection 2.0 contains enhancements for customers to define workflow exchanges on bidirectional sequence with specific requirements.
  • SAP Enterprise Project Connection 3.0 has new functions, features, changes and a separate platform to identify and resolve bugs related to ongoing project system.
  • Transactional processing on distinct job orders is activated comfortably without complications, mapping summarizing of individual scope and phase in balanced state.
  • Increased agility broadens iterative approach in designing, unlocking difficulties in response timing through digital service preparing to stay competitive in market trends.
  • Cross sectional application maintains records on transfer orders, projects and results to have easy access across distinct structures other than currently using SAP platform.
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