Foundry Addons

Open source system SAP cloud foundry fulfills requirements for software in industries, an integrated structure boosting functional activities. Configured solution is flexible to use and are deployed according to individual requirements of industrial clients. Implementation of effective computing technology SAP HANA stores business data onto cloud for accessing at any time it is required irrespective of where you are. By this foundation your company is expected to grow towards increasing productivity and efficiency thereby yielding higher profit.  Better control over widespread aspects expands communication and stays informed on changing situations. Complete package is scalable and augmented as your necessities get aggregated.


  • Implementation of SAP localizes complete business activities under a single section. Open platform gives visibility to authorized people about ongoing events.
  • Utilization of resources details stored in web server system with viewing capabilities triggers production and distribution to go hand in hand without any flaws.
  • Browser accessing feature allows industrial people to focus on everything they are in need of within a single unified structure maximizing Return on Investment.
  • Consistent transition between internal and subcontracting production scenarios draws quality measurements certainly tailoring to do analytics in effective manner.


  • Risk involved in maintaining quality gets reduced due to stage wise monitoring and inspection done continuously in customised approach until final completion.
  • Manufacturing, purchase, sales, stock maintenance, material management etc indulged with automated package avoids loss or wastage of inventories in production.
  • Cloud Platform as a service interface is open source structure on multi cloud model. It allows users to develop, deploy and run applications private, public schemas.
  • It crop out inefficiency and errors on manually operating distinct procedures through dynamic routing capability supporting to add security to whole infrastructure.
  • Mobility features available on cloud is highly scalable leads to have effective administration thereby paving way to obtain optimal profitability against competitors.
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