Garments Addons

Export and import of clothing commodities under held by Garments industries are made easier with introduction of SAP solutions integrating business units in order to carry out processing comfortably. Highly customised addons available to resolve industry specific obligations of apparel firms. Independent architecture is derived to plan and administrate activities by adopting automated scenario. Quality assurance gets promoted by effective inspection occurring across different channels of production.  Featured framework analyzes workflow operations within an instant mitigating risk involved.


  • Difficulties faced on calculating cost of products defining a price are eliminated by implementing integrated scheme reduces risk on quoting amounts/value.
  • Estimation and forecasting of actual, standard and opportunity costs becomes simple as SAP solution keeps updated on these and fetches whenever required.
  • Manual errors on computation and entry of details are removed by acquiring customised software as data duplications and malfunctions are greatly eradicated.
  • Real time data on items and goods received, issued, produced available with clear visibility gives accurate information related inventories in warehouse.
  • Affordable and flexible SAP ERP solution resolves major challenges faced on organizing materials/objects for production across multiple units of measurements.


  • Sub contracting of raw materials keeps every detail like purchase, number of stocks available, sold items etc standardizing costs and orders over time period.
  • Database of suppliers, vendors, customers, agents are stored in web server such that only authorized specialists are given access to survey it and do the needful.
  • BI tools helps to look into performance and production aspects in an organisation as Production planning and controlling reports are automatically generated.
  • Scalable application caters best results for analyzing prospect ratio derived over determined time period making industrial administration appear smoother.
  • Procurement of essential commodities to manufacturing and selling are processed under digitalized solution in order to increase profitability on selling clothing.
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