Gate Management Addons

GATE Management solution in SAP looks after everything passing in and out adding security measurements. It restricts unauthorized access into office premises through continuous surveillance. Attractive framework records details regarding visitor passed, their name, person to meet, in and out timing, Pass number etc to stay updated on number of people parsing. Integrated system gathers complete information regarding every visitor such that better service is delivered by your organisation.


  • Restriction granted for unauthorized in & out of Materials, Employees, Visitors, Vehicles influence to create better workspace security upon your valuable liabilities.
  • Dispatches and transactions permitted through gateway are continuously recorded easing analysation on number of goods sent out and received for the concern.
  • Transcription generated for every single movement of assets through automated structure pulls out inventory theft or loss to greater extent enabling efficient utilization.
  • Alerts are produced in-case of any emergency situations such that proper assistance is granted at right timing in order to avoid occurrence irregular functionalities.
  • Recording info of returnable and non-returnable goods sent from your industry helps to do auditing practice on number of materials available in queue of return.


  • Vehicles entry and exit timings are noted accurately with several details like vehicle number, driver name, goods carried in it, etc to analyze its job load.
  • Physical security measurements with man power assistance on SAP solution ensure to do continuous monitoring in effective enhancements and feasibility.
  • Incoming goods and visitors details are noted such that tracking of activities becomes simple thereby avoiding risk involved in gate pass management system.
  • SAP gives out complete protection towards entire commodities available inside your industry certainly increasing productivity and efficiency within short term of implementation.
  • Mobile application within reach creates a sophisticated environment upon which better communication between guards and internal representatives occurs.
  • Material management (MM) happens effectively since incoming items are checked prior to accepting it and reported immediately if anything goes wrong.
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