HR & Payroll Addons

HR and Payroll entity in SAP simplifies and modulates human resources and capitals in an organisation. Complete database of employees are effectively maintained including personal and professional information like contact details, salary allowances, attendance, performance evaluation, promotion etc including the Payroll processing. Regulation of these processing leads to administrate employees with minimal effort.


  • Comprehensive data on employees like qualification, experience, salary, loan allowances details and more are available within single integrated structure.
  • Mobile application services granted to your professionals’ aid them to get proper assistance whenever they face issues in processing organisational procedures.
  • Attendance is important in leveraging payroll. Automatic capturing and updations on presence of individual through punch devices makes calculation simple.
  • Over time (OT) duties and casual off enacted by workers are stored parallely so that leave management and processing payment goes in sequential approach.
  • Remuneration particulars differ if any loan is taken by an employee. Calculation of cut-off, commissions leads to determine paysheet evaluation accordingly.
  • Appraisals on wages are tendered by Human Resource Management team based on increase in performance levels produced by expertise over a time period.


  • Integrated system generates reports for salary statements, pay slips, EPF, ESIC declarations, employee data and more to bring out effective administration.
  • Web Register maintenance on auto arrears calculation, PF/ESI, Professional tax, are carefully processed and maintained for estimating financial statements.
  • Flexible structure keeps database prevailing on web server in highly secured manner such that no fraudulent/ unlicensed activities performed by third party members.
  • Client/Server Architectural model creates standardization in automated project monitoring of particular teams making business intelligence (BI) processing on real-time.
  • Engage your organisational people and modernize activities so as to provide value added services since clear visibility across all entities is provided for HCM.
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