Plant Maintenance Addons

Equipments within a company are maintained effectively through Plant Maintenance Module of SAP software. Complete activities related to assets are generated up to date making analysation of workload done to be simple yet effective. Current and historical info prompts for better scheduling. User interface pattern recognizes and eases services and repairing needed for belongings.


  • Integrated system provides the option to breakdown assembly and sub assembly from an equipment making construction of functionalities occur in smooth way.
  • Wise planning on assets creates a checklist to find out whether state properties are done, upon which preventive measures are taken for avoiding serious damages ensuring optimal productivity.
  • SAP grants unique options to design and predict future maintenance plans upon which successful planning and settlement of assets comes into scenario.
  • Requisition of Spares required against activated outline derives clear idea on what services and repairing is actually needed on particular machinery to operate it normally.
  • Entry of job done during shutdown / Breakdown creates reports and documents on functions and related production helping to allocate capacity based workload to resources.
  • Automated gathering of information about machineries assists to derive at a conclusion on performance obtained at past and present activating efficient backups.


  • Cost center on determining amount of expenses to be spent on individual assets are calculated in order to estimate budgeting and its relative outcomes.
  • Information regarding performance of workers operating varied plants and machineries are stored separately to do better evaluation on how they carry out work assigned to them.
  • Documents maintained on warranty periods paves way to note free and paid services that are available to machineries of your industry in order to have better utilization.
  • Service contracts made with third party users helps to stay connected with equipments activity over defined criteria such that extra-ordinary outcomes are derived.
  • Automated controlling and activation of resources assists respective managers to draft regular scheduled practice for activating proper maintenance plans.
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