POS Addons

Reduced total cost of ownership is provided to retailers by implementing SAP software. Manage inbound and outbound costing through Client-Server Point of Sale application. Customers get satisfied through closer associations with concerned representatives giving personalized experience on buying desired products. Flexible and easy to use interface enables best practice services to be rendered thereby creating a network pattern. Data transfer from ERP to POS system reviews entire sales activities that have occurred over a time period.


  • Receive info, audit, process transactional data with high speed data transfer program. Turn data into useful information by using integrated platform.
  • Information excellence in SAP application gathers details related to trading processes from one location in multiple languages, contents, countries etc.
  • Real time access to required business information creates a data warehouse upon which entry of sales from different distribution channels are interfaced.
  • Privacy regulations ensure to keep sensitive info at safer side from third party accessing thereby supporting the records created to stay with legislations.
  • Consolidated details on inventories, stock updates, and payment aspects etc are segregated such that only specified personals are allowed for accessing.


  • Cost effective system creates an activity repository from multiple channels simplifying evaluation on sales / goods movements over a defined time period.
  • Analysation of customer activity gives transparency on multi-channel creating insights on personalized marketing to predict and produce desirable products.
  • Reduces manual inspection of goods and materials through interactive infrastructure of workspace by IT landscape thereby deriving operational efficiency.
  • Mobile apps capture more number of clients towards your retail industry since social media integration available reaches huge user groups within short term.
  • Open scale management uplifts item handling dynamically through Omni-channel integration of enterprise equipments driving out customer satisfaction.
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