Product Costing Addons

Product costing is managed effectively through SAP solutions. Production efficiency greatly improved by using automated controlling procedure. Expenses debited for raw materials, unit wise manufacturing, and other resources are accounted with ease. Set price lists for finished products to give out value added services to customers.  Job order and costing goes hand in hand enabling planning of required money needed per quantity of reserves.


  • Strategic planning criteria guides to analyse and decide how much price should be quoted for furnished commodities are covered under product costing module.
  • Secured information system gives knowledge on all you need like primary requirement, actual output needed in a sequential format for implementation considerations.
  • Activity flow clearly updates about variable expenses from outlining of work load to the allocation of resources reduces manual errors and duplications.
  • Customization of resources is made straight-forward by adopting flexible technology that manages materials according to individual client requirements.
  • Tight integration across every module in your firm crop ups straight forward derivation on accounting and profitability marketing to be simple and effective.


  • Deployment of integrated structure helps to update price lists based on current demands in market situation such that profitability achievement occurs.
  • Unit wise product manufacturing statements delivers proper guidance to do deeper analytics and valuation of materials on expenditure transactions for every stage.
  • Bill on Materials (BOM) automatically generated roll ups costing sequence from baseline requirement gathering until completion reducing disorders in plant maintenance.
  • Detailed reports on itemization fetch essential details needed for performing validation since finished and partially completed process are noted up-to-date.
  • Functional wizard defines cost element activity types and its related overhead charges in order to recalculate and update master price lists accordingly.
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