Project Management Addons

Project Management systems from SAP guides to compute several facts to end in definite product. Integrated system reviews whether right tools are being used at distinct situations to analyze requirement objectives resulting in scheduling and management of time according to word load pending in stipulated project. Constant access across modules mitigates risk involved in handling, promoting best practices. Planning and budget framing are interrelated to activate flow of processing in sequence without breaks. Checklists are created to have a glimpse and verify if specified criteria are fulfilled or not facilitating better communication among team members.


  • Financial accounting (FI) hierarchical reviews on revenue obtained and expenditure spent makes it easier to calculate amount spent for accomplishing specified activities.
  • Quotation creation to confirmation of order from client is registered accurately so that outgoing expenses are noted during every stage of production aspect.
  • After completion of project fixing of price in accordance with demand in market and changing criteria are done in simplified approach with record for each.
  • Streamline day to day activities to be performed by using SAP PS structure. Synchronization across distinct channels aids to segregate tasks for multiple teams.
  • Resource availability in calendar view helps to stay updated on materials available to activate purchase events when stock level goes beyond bottom line.


  • Lifecycle management from requirement gathering to designing, coding and implementation can be integrated with SAP facilitating timely project completion.
  • Better allocation of resources captures prioritization of functionalities to be done according to demand through detailed description on routine planned systems.
  • Quick review on work order creates a model upon which reliable solutions could be derived, upgrading real time working experience displaying progress status.
  • Single integrated software package covers in and out components under a loop with user interface design. Complexities due to manual intervention get reduced.
  • Mobile applications available expand communication among team members thereby improvising project management through prerequisites to achieve target rate.
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