Purchase Addons

Streamlining of procuring required raw materials goes in sequence through Purchase Module in SAP. Integrated structure identifies potential suppliers, price of item, etc to acquire qualified materials. Inventory and production planning strategies are closely integrated since purchase is mainly done for manufacturing functionalities.


  • Manual purchasing operations that lead to miss out products that in requirement are eliminated by introduction of digitized SAP Software solution integrating business models.
  • Continuous surveillance of inventories upon material management reduces chance for wastage and theft thereby resulting in removal of stock outs in your concern.
  • Production process goes fine in planned order since requirement on essential raw materials are identified then and there optimizing purchase events at right timing.
  • Automatic re-ordering of stock inventories in your organisation triggers time phase processing for material receipts to achieve just-in-time production aspect.
  • Minimizes cost fagged per transaction of issuing a purchase order and receiving products by considering accounts payable and receivable in accurate style.


  • Supplier / Vendor Registration option in SAP aids to have a clear idea on items issued by them certainly easing evaluation technique before buying a product.
  • Time and Cost exposed on enacting purchase enquiry are totally reduced since procurement activity starts with the determination of qualified suppliers.
  • If vendors are satisfied purchase quotations are sent to qualified providers available in selected list in order to move on with further processing to acquire quality materials.
  • Finally Purchase Order confirmations are made to obtain right number of products at right timing enabling Supply chain monitoring among production and sales.
  • Amendments in shopping can be made before confirmation of orders such that delivery of commodities happens according to schedule resulting in efficient warehouse maintenance.
  • Creation and drafting of Purchase Orders (PO) paves way for industrial consultant to analyze job cost and related manufacturing making transferring of materials to be simple.
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