Quality Control Addons

Quality control (QC) module on SAP simplifies planning, inspection and control of quality throughout complete components in an enterprise. Several specifications are predefined to do testing procedures upon which certifications on examining are generated to assure trait products are produced.

QC not only observes and verifies quality of materials on purchase, manufacturing sections but also provides real time view on analyzing exact capabilities. Every stage of operations is guided to check raw materials, production to shipment in order to deliver highly qualified products to end customers.


  • Maintains gradient related information up- to- date on materials, vendors and manufacturers so as to have clear idea towards complete business processing.
  • Number of inventories available is correctly recorded by material management system during verification in order to place right amount of materials during the planning programs.
  • Batch wise testing creates hierarchical model upon which typical storage, procurement and recurring of inspections takes place accordingly satisfying quoted criteria’s.
  • Once after ordering of materials supplier details are managed and analysed deeply to judge whether qualified commodities are regularly supplied by them.
  • Problems faced during manufacturing activities are audited and corrected based on notifications /alerts sent to web server for processing corrective measures.
  • Manages issues in sales and distribution process with the help of warnings tickled at right timing, so that processing customer complaints happens in a consistent manner.


  • Parameter master and sampling table records up-to- date information on grading aspects during every stage of project life cycle leading to deliver highly superior goods to consumers.
  • Planning control activities paves way to perform auditing practices on turnaround time period thereby documents reports on results obtained for performing measurements.
  • Blocking of payments to suppliers is made possible until inspection lots are accepted after purchase of raw materials required for processing manufacturing activities.
  • Management of stock is subject to various quality inspections. Regular scanning of materials aids to focus better on planning optimizing internal functions.
  • Customer complaints are registered and processed consistently through notifications received to resolve issues related to specified changes on attributes.
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