Sub Contracting Addons

Relationship with third party contracts is monitored effectively through Sub Contracting Module in SAP. Integration with inventory management, financial accounting, etc allows you to track associated functionalities on live and also historical data to complete activities on time. Sharing of resources to production field and designated partners are taken care accurately in order to complete assigned work at right timing satisfying customer’s expectations. It manages invoices procedures through seamless integration across all modules facilitating flexible accessing.


  • Material management on inventories sent to sub contracts.
  • Time on administering work order completion gets reduced.
  • Effective planning and scheduling of production order.
  • Automatically generates batch manufacturing records (BMR).
  • Calculation of stage wise yield obtained becomes simple.
  • Easy to estimate labour and machine cost required.
  • Reports for completed, in-process and rework strategies.
  • Receipts are issued for purchase of essential materials.
  • Automates quality control measures based on errors generated.
  • Integrated with finance,accounting,purchase,sales etc track events accurately.
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