Trading Addons

SAP for trading eases business to business commerce operations. Flow of materials and goods of industry are focused better by using automated platform. Sales and purchase activities are controlled and handled in compliance with rules and regulations. Timely engagement between consumers and enterprise representatives leads to achieve more number of deals. SAP GTM allows you to optimize marketing strategies comforting import and export operations go well with any complications. Number of process steps gets reduced due to integrated structure leading way to high success rate within short term.


  • Attain defined target ratio by efficient planning and pre-drafting of supply chain management policies in distinct way to carry out potential sales functionalities.
  • Demand based purchasing is essential to do trading processes continuously. From quotation framing to processing of invoice are grouped under single platform.
  • Transformation of goods and services involves taxes. Management of tax to be rendered for every individual commodity are wisely planned to reach profitability.
  • Financial risk on global trade operations are minimized through implementation of integrated technology since it takes sales and purchase transactions effectively.


  • Updation of price lists in accordance with current marketing dilemma induces to gain profitability through implementation of real-time automated solution.
  • Manual effort on quoting sales processes are eliminated by reducing complexities in co-ordination between customers related to shipment of ordered products.
  • Pre configured framework allocates resources in accordance with sales attaining inbound and outbound customers into your business model increasing ROI.
  • Inventory countering occurs in parallel with retailing so that acquiring of required stuffs becomes simplified leading way to obtain more number of contracts.
  • Quantity and quality verification marks standardization of selling goods. Documented reports aid to manage portfolio of company in smoother processing.
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