Vehicle Management

Vehicle Management Module takes care of efficient handling of fleets. Scheduling, monitoring of fuel and service timings, driver activity are automated to improvise productivity and efficiency reducing overhead costs associated with company’s fleet. Integration across distinct structure prompts you to deliver value added services in performing import and export operations.


  • Real time tracking of vehicle movements leads to acquire knowledge on location, speed, trips assigned, items carried, number of stoppages, fuel status etc.
  • Proper maintenance of vehicles comes into scenario since notifications/alerts are sent to particular industrial managers regarding services and repairing needed.
  • Fuel consumption details for every individual vehicle are reported through web based communication eases auditing process on expenditure spent reducing theft.
  • Booking and scheduling of trips are updated instantly in order to be aware of vehicles that are available within range to allocate work load accordingly.


  • Configured solution gives complete info on vehicles like its model, date of purchase, driver operating it, latest service made etc to stay connected and informative.
  • Factual data on fuel rate contributes to figure out and inspect filling and refilling circumstances such that illegal activities associated with it greatly avoided.
  • Mobile applications assist better to do trading operations. Timely service and delivery of commodities prompts long term business relationships with authentic consumers.
  • Risk factors like accidents are controlled since notifications sent during the occurrence of mis functioning guides to eradicate instance of those scenarios.
  • Status of assigned job are updated as open, WIP, completed even from remote location using internet facility enabling comfortable assignment of trips.
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