SAP HANA of Business One acts as a foundation to take your company with high performance. In memory computing for SME’s increases real time data analytics to view business information at faster rate. Game changing platform,that creates positive impact on accessing essential details is said to be HANA. Every functionality from finance, sales, purchase, marketing, inventory management to customer related contents gets viewed within shorter response timings. SAP Business One HANA brings together transactions and analytics under single structure making innovative approach towards simpler data framing. Instant access to imperative instructions gives capability to accelerate business with affordable costs.


Up-to-date information on frequently accessed data is customized such that real time visibility and embedded analytics gets takes increasing efficiency.


Highly personalized solution enriches user experience in streamlining business information. Quick obtaining of search results enables faster decision making.


This feature reveals information on every transaction on enterprise in document format such that improved processing and auditing occurs to increase profitability.

Analytical requirements of an industry gets
satisfied by using cloud technology .


  • Instant access to massive volume of data occurs by using this user friendly application. Timely information provided supports users access it from any location.
  • Clear visibility towards available warehouse, inventory, stock, production status, etc appears in it thereby ensuring to be among best serviced companies.
  • Powerful dashboards present delivers reports and analytics incustomized approach that reduces insights and time to produce requests processing.
  • Cash flow forecasting on business activities helps to create out of box innovations in order to take timely decisions on changing scenario.
  • Backup, recovery and monitoring of who access data over a time period are noted and informed to concerned representatives so that no loss or illegal authorizations exists in database management.
  • Refined results for all your searches are guaranteed through this robust software technology. MS Excel based reporting option renders statistical documents on transactions paves way to take smarter decisions.
  • SAP HANA leverages to discover knowledge towards streaming data such that it provides flexibility in managing data efficiently.
  • Interactive product can be used with basic technical knowledge and does not need any expert to operate it. This solution ultimately grants enhancements to your business without third party interference
  • SAP HANA on cloud platform enables users to retrieve essential input without errors.Configured solution maximizes organisation’s potential through accurate data mining.