Mobile applications from SAP for Android, iPhone and Windows allows to run your business at any time since it gives complete information similar to that of computers and laptops. Implementation of enterprise activities in these emerging technologies increases efficiency of company leading to grow towards higher market standards. SAP Business One mobile apps brings in real time visibility towards business objects, thereby making you to stand ahead among similar competitors. Real time visibility towards every resources paves way to complete production at right timing yielding high profit.  Firm owners can actively look at functions prevailing in their company at any time required which means they need not to be available all the time.


Inbound business based mobile apps save time on accessing required information since everything gets synchronized within it, promoting business values.


Customer difficulties on organizational products are rectified by using this as it consists of unique model to clarify consumer doubts similar to that of user guide.


Powerful software application covers entire business analytics such that efficient administration of assets, warehouse, and inventories etc occurs from remote locale.

Stay connected with very single move in your
business with the aid of SAP Business One.


  • Activities and tasks scheduling synchronization occurs within mobile apps such that employees will know about upcoming process that should be completed by them.
  • Approval for leave from higher authorities gets simplified. SAP Business One apps consists of portal that has option to apply for leave so that concerned managers look at it and approve or disapprove their requests. Similarly,Sales quotations are processed and order confirmation occurs through mobile interface.
  • Alerts feature available gets triggered during pre-defined situations. When tasks reach deadline duration, emergency situations etc provide notifications through these apps in order to take timely decisions.
  • CRM application is uniquely designed and developed for customers. They can log-in into it to analyse what the company is actually doing for getting clear idea and also their queries are resolved through direct interaction with sales representatives to place orders.
  • Complete information of partners, customers is maintained within flexible solution such that accessing of it becomes easier.
  • Real time stock, items details are available on cloud interfaced mobile apps enabling respective professionals to view it for analyzing future processing.
  • Integration of this service for your industry delivers user friendly interface empower productivity as ease of access causes report generation for every actions paving way to run business on real time.