Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) mainly suffer from organizing and generating reports on activities processed by them over a determined time period. SAP Business One consists of unique tool to automatically produce reports on each and every transaction pertaining in an enterprise. Up to date records are produced for specified activities so that timely decisions are drawn. Comprehensive solution drives small businesses towards success scenario since cutting edge on diversified processing are available on these analytics. Reports and analytics act as a dynamic solution to audit overall performance of an enterprise and paves way to take optimum decision on the areas of betterment. Maximization of productivity occurs through integrated reports provided at regular time period.


Integrated analytical tool drills down information from all functional entities in a concern such that it helps to have better decision making process for obtaining business opportunities.


Industries consist of varied functionalities spread over several areas. Reporting feature groups together information from all those resources under single platform for easy viewing.


As analytics and reporting feature totally minimizes manual processing on collecting information from distinct departments it saves time and effort on doing those processes.

Stay informed about every activities in your
company through crystal reports.

Reporting Solutions To Industries?

Designing and manipulation of activity based report generation gives cumulative knowledge on functional behavior of a concern that greatly helps them to give out reliable output on changing situations.

  • Crystal reports generated from SAP Business One initiates to eliminate manual processing on analyzing functional activities prevailing in an organisation.
  • Ability to react for changing criteria happens by using this technology. It aids to stay in accordance with current market trends.
  • Financial reports delivered by automated solution give complete details on sales, purchase, profit /loss obtained along with balance sheet for deeper analyzing.
  • Statistical statements on sales order give a clear view on annual sales helping to analyse desire of customers over stipulated time period.
  • Collective information gathering from varied sources are made available on local host which makes data analytics at faster rate enabling improved access.
  • Reports from SAP B1 can be synchronized with Microsoft tools. This export option allows doing business analytics more comfortably avoiding disruptions.
  • Visualization ability of these documents and records are available only to authorized representatives of the concern so that accurate decision making arise in industries.
  • Different metrics of info are scaled down under single dashboards such that understanding of critical data takes place without having any effort.
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