ECC- ERP Central Component is most recognized application of SAP. Business management software application solves end to end operational requirements in an industry.  Implementation of SAP ECC delivers enhancements and functionalities in modular fashion optimizing your standards. Software package incorporates all aspects of company within integrated application. Since it acts as a multi-channel resource entire firm entities can be carried out in simpler mechanism. Every module communicates with each other creating user friendly environment. We develop industry specific software products for varied types of industries. Most important criteria is that our solution grows according to changing trends enabling long term better optimization of organisation.

Indus Novateur has distinctive perspective to provide solutions to our client requests. Integrated solution uncovers difficulties faced by industries in managing functional categories, as everything is under the control of central component. It acts as a real time solution to streamline activities. SAP ECC application suites for changing scenarios enabling business intelligence operations mitigating risks involved.  Multi language support gives flexibility in handling organisational functions with ease.


Complete modules of organisation are combined and activated in SAP ECC. Information from one module reflects in other enabling easier accessing of data required.


Inventories in warehouse are monitored for 24/7 adding safety. Details on how much raw materials available for production, sales orders are noted easily.


Designing of ECC attracts users to stay on it for term management of industrial operations. UI triggers to modulate your concept whenever changes are needed.


Business Suite enhancement packages optimizes both traditional and HANA database structure. It leads to have faster MRP returns through real time accessing.


SAP software products are developed according to specified requirements of clients based on which trait applications are created and produced at receiver end.


Human effort on planning and execution of project gets reduced by ECC. Transparency across diversified channels helps to take qualified actions at right timing.


Recent version of SAP ERP consists of separate tool for end to end resource management of your company. Client server architectural model increases performance and productivity of a concern. SAP ECC 6.0 usually runs on Net weaver platform combining data from different modules under central position.

Why SAP ECC 6.0?

  • It provides multi dimensional view on complete enterprise activities.
  • Suited for small to large scale companies.
  • Affordable application overrides multiple software products.
  • Possibility to integrate with other non SAP systems.
  • Single view of information required for concerned authorities.
  • Saves time on rationalizing internal resources functioning.
  • Organise planning and production process for on time job completion.
  • Authorized system visualizes employee performance and their tasks.
  • Single point of data entry eliminates errors and redundancy.
  • Quick and effective response to customer queries.
  • Real time visibility towards technical aspects leads to success handling of your company. Web based technology offers multiple exercises to be gathered in integrated format.
  • Procuring and management of assets from multiple resources are management efficiently through SAP ECC structure.
  • Planning of production process goes in sequential order so that overall cost spent on operating manufacturing process takes place quite easily.
  • Tracking and monitoring of assets in warehouse can be done effortlessly through the implementation of our upgraded solution.
  • Manufacturing of products according to demand occurs through effective planning and analysation of customers’ desire.
  • Working status of assets and employees are noted for any time even from remote locality through implementation of automated technology.
  • Powerful reporting and analytics tool gives up-to-date information on what is happening in and around varied modules of your organisation.
  • Financial statements from all departments are collected and stored in centralised system making industrial owners to know about expenses spent to analyze profit/loss.
  • It makes well informed scenario on all resources thereby paving way to take smarter decisions on critical situations.
  • Customer Relationship greatly enriched via SAP ECC. All queries and purchase requests are responded instantly thereby widening number of clients to your company.
  • Continuous support reduces complications and also man power intervention in doing related activities.
  • Server to server communication is kept in secured mechanism such that no third party intervention occurs on compatible application.
  • Information from different sources are viewed under single structure.
  • Minimal risk of failure as accurate data are delivered.
  • User interface design saves time and does not need technical experts.
  • Gives brief overview of every transactions whenever required.
  • It can be implemented across different branches of your industry.
  • Rapid professional growth driving out new opportunities.
  • Exciting team work achievement through efficient sharing of information.
  • Operating and maintenance cost are reduced.
  • Reports on individual transactions.
  • Database management becomes simpler task.
  • Mobility solution to carry out activities at any time.
  • Finance.
  • Sales.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Human Resources.
  • Sales and Distribution.
  • Supply chain Processing.
  • Project Management.
  • Customer Relationships.
  • Presentation Layer.
  • Application Layer.
  • Database Layer.