Indus Novateur is a eminent Windows Mobile Application Development Company for business suite integrates operations and entities of a company. Our solutions are useful for every firm to formulate activities in order to attain successful outcomes. With the skilled pool of professionals, we stay active in developing and satisfying client requests. Development of apps through latest technology guides to collaborate along industrial strategies easily. It is mainly noted for simple and easy to use interface grasping more number of users. When operational aspects accompanied by specialised applications, handling of daily events becomes simple. Mobility solution assists to gather huge number of customers towards your organisation in certainly expanding process globally. Cross platform software development helps business people to standardize processing thereby claiming higher positions.

- Expertise in Windows Application Development -

Highly customized mobile apps are developed under windows mobile platform.


As Windows OS has obtained capability to write once and run anywhere option it let to the derivation of idea for implementing a single app across many platforms.


C# and .Net technological framework has been adopted by our developers to create windows mobile apps for business so as to increase customer relationship for enriching sales scenario.


Connection establishment between all workers in industry exists via customised apps providing cost effective approach and flexibility towards enterprise activities.


End to end business management can be integrated onto Windows Mobile App so that navigation across various channels becomes easier certainly enriching your business value.


Windows mobile app helps to expand customer relationship across worldwide. Highly customised apps are developed by us using latest technologies.


Fast deployment of apps on windows platform can be done, since its user interface is designed individually that attract business users to adopting these applications.

Mobile software packages are developed based on specific requirements of clients to obtain operational excellence. Implementation of our products supports to gain more insights increasing return on investment at shorter timing.  Mobile application tunes enterprise activities leading to activate best enterprise practices enhancing efficiency. Mobility solutions therefore attain more number of customers towards your company raising industrial value.

  • Storing and sharing of information happens through communication establishment among industrial people.
  • Synchronization of individual employee’s tasks allows them to complete tasks on right time.
  • Customized applications help to promote business plans in a faster rate leaving way for grabbing out more number of opportunities.
  • We develop mobile apps according to specific requirements of customers inducing tight processing of enterprise activities.
  • Chat option available allows having live conversation among firm’s employees regarding project management.
  • Commerce apps allow companies to engage in social media arousing increase in branding of your products.
  • Microsoft mobility products combined onto cloud technology provides ample amount of storage space thereby making storage of important data easier.
  • Using commercial apps ordering to payment are done by hand held device making it smooth to buy products from any locations around geographical location.
  • Creation of direct articulation between customers and sales team allows customers to get clarified about organisational products within short span of time period so as to set up contracts.
  • Remote accessing aids concerned authorities to analyze their employee activities at any time and from any locale. It decides standard and deadline to have on time completion of projects.
  • User interface design on app creates a unique platform on which fast access to information requested are delivered increasing your business app visitors.
  • Creation of mobile applications not only increments productivity but also saves time and effort spent on managing operations since end to end process integration enclosed in it.
  • Listing of discounts, offers and other concession on products freely posted onto mobile app, leads to attain more number of customers drastically increasing your sales orders.
  • Implementation of mobile applications gives out greater speed in managing, accessing and retrieval of user defined data.
  • Our solutions are best suited for industries willing to move towards digital environment, since everything customised within a single app.
  • Scheduling and reminding of tasks through apps grants to do tasks at right timing adding value to management.
  • Several natures of industries demanding mobile application can use our cross platform products to give out effective communication among entire people of organisation.
  • Compatible solution automates quality check assuring production and delivery of qualified products to customers on time attracting large number of customers towards your enterprise.
  • Alerts and notifications provided at various timings like when employee’s tasks reaches deadline, launch of new products etc triggers business community to spread across various areas.
  • Improvements in features and versions of windows add more security towards crucial data restricting illegal or unauthorized accessing.
  • Introduction of windows mobile application brings wide range of opportunities and also provides flexibility in handling processes and response user requests in competitive scenario.
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