Engineering Procurement and Construction

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) industries looks after detailed designing and procurement according to operational requirements. SAP solution operates complete entities in an automated approach paving way to attain progressive development. Multiple sources of industry combined through SAP ERP solution lays a foundation for profitable growth of your company. Real time processing manipulates activities in an automated method. Our solutions uniquely handle challenges of engineering industries.


Creation of outlook before starting engineering activity paves way to attain profitable output. It drives through better performance and efficiency on delivering services.


Assets are important resources of EPC Company. These equipments are actively tracked and monitored to analyze its performance and productivity obtained through it.


Risk involved in project management of construction sectors gets reduced by adopting our SAP Solution. It gives real time visibility towards process going on site location.


Delay in construction activities reduced with aid of SAP ERP software solution certainly lifts up your industry towards achieving operational excellence.


  • Purchase operations from raw materials to machineries are recorded in system without any flaws allowing for smooth transactions.
  • Status about ongoing production process notified along with deadline helping manufacturing team to complete their project at right time.
  • Overall control on operations can be attained through system helping concerned authorities to engineer new products on research.
  • Invoice, accounts payable, receivable, cash flow management, budgeting managed through procurement feature activate balance sheet in ordered and accurate method.
  • Commissioning process through SAP helps industries to do operational process according to requirements of clients.
  • Sales, purchase and production of engineering products takes place in simpler mechanism.
  • Waste management system allows to look at dispatching of products easily.


  • Real time asset management solution with clear visibility towards its performance.
  • Sharing of information between employees takes place in simplified method since it allows stays connected.
  • Effectiveness of project takes place through increased performance on projects by deployment of resources correctly.
  • Time and effort on project are effortlessly managed throughout production process increasing effectiveness.
  • Response to customers can be made at right time allowing better services on regulatory standards.
  • SAP System helps to tackle processing in unique and flexible way standardizing operational excellence.
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