Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences

Pharmaceuticals and life science industries research and produce market drugs used as medicines for patients. Health care industries have to concentrate on effective manufacturing of drugs to maintain patient’s health correctly. SAP software system delivers distinct solution for production of drugs in an automated approach. Economy management of pharmaceuticals effectively done through integrated software package. Business entities from finance, accounting, sales, and production to customer relationship are taken care under single structure. Medications are produced in accordance with rules and regulations of government. Implementation of SAP gives effective planning to increase production.


SAP helps to follow Goods Manufacturing Practice in order to produce products with specified quality standards minimizing risks involved.


Reports on quality are updated frequently in centralised system so that various department people can view its status to deliver high quality drugs.


BMR reports are generated over pre defined time period for stage wise production process. This information helps to reduce manual effort on updating process.


It simply means finding solution for currently prevailing disease in environment upon which various aspects are processed to deliver timely service to patients.


Pharma are concerned mainly with its time period. It gives alerts and notifications to concerned representatives when product meets expiry duration.


Batch processing and formulae for drug preparation are stored automatically in the web server so that concerned representatives can use it for production.


Implementation of industry specific software solution from SAP assists to introduce new therapies which cures several disorders are processed in innovative way are discussed in this section.


  • Integrated software system maintains workflow management on production process to take place in a constant order.
  • Scheduling of production process made through our solution. Routine management allows stipulated users to give out medicines in a distinct approach.
  • Inventories of organisation are managed effectively with clear estimation on requirements that are needed carry out manufacturing.
  • Accounting entity of industry from payments, amount spent on production, raw materials, to amount receivable business transactions are clearly maintained within single system.
  • BMR and BPR records are tracked since it marks quality of medicines.
  • Monitoring activities of employees helps organisational people to analyze their performance on delivering quality products.
  • SAP process helps to operate supply chain processing expanding standard of your concern.
  • Unified framework assists to focus on key areas of improvement by close interaction with customers.


  • SAP Software system adopted by industrial users are given privilege to change options as per their requirements.
  • Expenses spent on process production get noted with our package. Info required will be obtained via a single click option allowing to figure out financial statements within a moment.
  • Inventory management system transfer products to customer locations easily with which demands evaluation appear to be simple task.
  • Automated system acknowledges vendors to store whole functional database into a centralized system leading to be aware of information.
  • Price of products is audited with accurate calculation, so that industrial users can quote price exactly without any flaws according to demands in market.
  • Operational excellence solves specific queries of clients thereby maintaining long term business deals.
  • Notifications/alerts sent when raw materials and inventories reach expiry date since pharma products are very much concerned with lifetime.
  • Ordering till delivery of products is monitored in order to distribute products to right consumer at right timing.
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