SAP HANA is in-memory platform for storing business data onto RAM instead of hard disk. Information is stored in column oriented relational table structure in order to provide easy access to database. Platform-as-a-service provides instant access to required information thereby providing higher performance. New generation modern platform for real-time analytics and applications. Automated system enables organization to analyze operations containing large volume and variety of detailed data with instant notifications. In addition to performing analytics, SAP is also delivering new class of distinct applications, powered by cloud computing platform. Our solution can be deployed as an appliance or delivered via a cloud.


SAP S/4 HANA is a simplified business management tool to enhance user experience on operating industrial tactics in real world scenario. The digital economy is best match for all types of industries with attractive user interface pattern. Seamlessly integrates each components of your company certainly increasing planning to production activities. In memory computing platform has created a revolutionary network on data model easing users to fetch required data faster approach.  Powerful cloud solution offers effective storage medium in highly scalable format satisfying security needs. It can be deployed on-premise and also cloud in order to do deeper insights on data analytics.


Real time processing of business data occurs through in-memory computing platform called SAP HANA.


Businesses consist of huge number of database to be managed effectively. Real time management of these data gets accelerated through SAP HANA that uses RAM instead of hard-disk for data storage.


Unlike traditional systems SAP HANA stores information in column oriented structure. This system makes join of data in row and column format to occur easily enabling processing to save time in data processing.


Massive volumes of data are processed in typically high speed so that fetching of information does not take much time. Effective data utilization since info across entire module can be obtained whenever needed.


Manual data entry commonly consists of data replications. Duplication of info gets reduced as SAP HANA looks after that accurately avoiding errors and redundancy ultimately saving time and space on data maintenance.


Open platform to store and access data at any time exists through cloud computing technology. This proven platform rapidly deploys applications onto it so that required details can be viewed from any locale.


Data stored under cloud computing platform provides essential details in secured manner at any time. Authentication procedure cut downs illegal activities and are available only to authenticated people.


SAP S/4 HANA creates a new way to digitalize functionalities in an industry. It explores about features, services provided by S/4 HANA for managing core business processes.

Designing of SAP HANA

  • High performance analytical appliance cloud is designed to take care of both hardware and implementation of complex queries to manage high range of financial transactions.
  • Multi-purpose system combined with SAP software components interfaces in an enriched method to develop analytics.
  • Cloud supports both OLTP and OLAP transactions of enterprise process so that information management effectively done.
  • In countries like India, organisational management is becoming predominantly important so as to upgrade pride of your firm.
  • Main industrial sectors like textiles, construction, manufacturing, petroleum products production, machineries productions etc ranging from small scale industries to large scale industries.

 As a SAP Gold Partner we provide better option to manage entire informational structure onto cloud. Our branches across Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Mumbai works on effective management of important resources. Implementation of cloud benefits business consultants to grant solution in unique methodology.

Top Reasons For Choosing HANA


Manage massive volumes of organisational info at high speed. Since it is readily accessed from RAM, reduces overall waiting time on receiving required information. It also promotes to have instant access to large number of facts as it is based on parallel query processing.


Real-time interactions enable software users to easily interact required details. Digital scenario therefore gives better performance to users. 

Any Data

Gain insights from structured and unstructured abstracts.  Column oriented data storage allows for accessing at any time. It displays requested result at faster rate without considering its size whether it is large or small.


Unlock new insights with predictive, complex analysis. Simple insight gives out easy guidelines to access required materials.


Run next-generation functions. Mobile applications allows for viewing records from any location.  Centralized system gathers and displays results within short span of time.


Manage fewer layers and landscapes at lower costs. Integration of our system helps to retrieve details across complete modules of organisation.


SAP cloud platform is affordable to all range of enterprise from small to large. Effective technology prevents data loss thereby saving time and money on managing diversified activity information prevailing in an industry.


Cloud structure is flexible to use according to user specifications. Options can be defined by them to view required details. Automated system is applicable to prospect data from different sources.


Avoids risks

  • Storage and accessing involves risks if stored in local server. With installation of SAP technology, it stores critical documents in centralized server abstaining risk of fetching and also reduces loss.


  • Powerful reporting tool protects input and gives feedback and statistical reports for stipulated time period.
  • In-memory platform gives reports for access carried out by varied number of users. Intelligence performance on how to effectively manage several operations predicted based on customized crystal reports provided by qualified solution.

Increase Efficiency and Productivity

  • As storage of firm records occurs in a customized methodology, it leads to have fast access that is enabled to provide information without any delay.
  • Instant actions improve efficiency proportionally increasing productivity of organisation. Sales of your company are enhanced adding value to processes.

Reduce Operational Cost

  • Since entire modules are connected together, info from any module accessing of information from any module comes into existence.
  • Interrelated concept cut downs irrelevant costs spent on accessing needed functionalities ultimately reducing overall operational costs.

Implementation of software based cloud computing helps users to manage database effectively through which best practices on their processing made. At, Indus we cater HANA service to industries so as to have effective database maintenance.

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