Enterprise Resource Planning software package automates complete operations in an organisation. ERP software solutions are suited for all type of companies that would like to operate entities in a simplified approach. You can optimize processes like Sales, Logistics, Finance, Production, and Quality Management to establishing customer relationship onto Cloud Structure with a key way to promote success. It is suited for industries to run process in streamlined manner. Single scalable solution fits for small to large enterprises contributing user friendly environment. We are an ERP Implementation company serving customers with our software solution.

Effective utilization of resources on real time occurs by using ERP software. User centric application gives flexibility towards data processing resulting in powerful enterprise management. Distinct platform offers best approach to group together entire modules via a single package.

Indus Novateur ERP Software System

Single integrated software solution to leverage entire business activities.


Stimulates purchase processes through ERP solution. From request to quotation, conformation of order, invoicing, payment transaction to its delivery is integrated within this system.


Stock maintenance of products can be automated through ERP solution in which exact information on inventory movements are processed in cycle with optimal reports.


Demand based optimization of inventories supports to manage stock levels accurately without wastage. This technique enables to produce right product at right timing to meet target customers specifications.


Streamlining business process under ERP integrates sales process to be simplified. Accurate quotations to customer requests are provided eliminating errors thereby increasing financial revenue.


Accounting on ERP collects complete details from varied departments. Financial transactions get captured under single platform to manage journal entries with ease.


Tracking and observing employee’s performance at end of day happens through ERP. Checklist gives details like their production outcome, sales, processing orders etc of employee’s activities clearly.


Vendor Management is efficiently done through ERP. Flexible system keeps supplier details updated so that orders for products are handled properly along with approval receipts accurately.


Catalog of every products in store are maintained so that its consumption for production are analysed to know about service offered and availability of items in inventory.


Real time processing towards financial operations helps to take better decisions for gaining profitability. Manual feeding of financial reports gets eliminated through time saving ERP solution.

  • Main driving force behind ERP processing is customer satisfaction towards service offered by organization, since it leads to have efficient development across competitive environment.
  • ERP integrates technical aspects of firm to improve communication thereby increasing productivity.
  • Information stored under Cloud Database is available for accessing whenever it is being required.
  • It offers unified methodology to ERP companies for powerful administration of business analytics in changing scenarios.
  • Customized system builds it easily according to specific requirements since it allows for quick updates, and also directs firm processing in secured mechanism.
  • Reporting feature supports to do auditing to consolidate performance and productivity of a concern


  • Core area in organisation are grouped with ERP so that collection of essential details related to finance from all departments occurs automated in order to update in general ledger for estimating capital profit and loss.
  • Accurate and reliable option to balance your financial statements since everything is left to happen via ERP technology.

Sales and Marketing

Branding of products is easily done with integrated ERP software solution.

  • ERP implements processing from commencement of order to its delivery making purchase activities to go in sequential approach and also gets updated into reports.
  • End to end firm transactions on sales module are recorded to have effective sales order processing
  • CRM applications on sales guide marketing representatives to interact with customers to resolve queries easily. It also leads to engage more number of customers into organisation.


Raw materials required for enterprise production are automated to do purchase functions like,

  • Contains list on suppliers of raw materials.
  • Send quotations to potential suppliers to pick out purchase order with negotiable vendors.
  • Accounts payable and receivable notification happens in an order to rationalize cash flow process in a company.


Stock availability in industry is tracked by ERP solution. Integrated with purchase entity it notifies exact demands and also products to be sent for shipment.

  • Digital solution monitors number of stock available in warehouse to increase productivity.
  • Inventories location tracking is left to hands of ERP software. Unique identification system provided with each item helps to detect right material.
  • Special reports on utilization of industrial inventories are available with ERP solution.


  • Records on daily production are feasibly tracked and monitored.
  • Analysation of materials required progress production process thereby resulting in enhanced production planning.
  • Based on sales, work balance demand prediction occurs through which focus towards production on those products will be done.

Human Resource

  • HR team efficiently manages duties on employee data maintenance with the adoption of digital application.
  • Management of employee details, payroll, job descriptions, attendance management, and employee performance details etc, reliably managed over effective software package.
  • Automated solution increase productivity since monitoring process effectively reduce occurrence of manual errors involved in report generation.
  • High security provides authenticated access on sensitive information so that illegal/ unauthorized practices will be cut down.
  • SAP ERP system spreads communication among all departments of firm to detect performance rates.
  • Accessibility across multiple resources is processed faster to track industrial requirements quite easily.
  • Affordable and Flexible solution.
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