Mobile Application Development

Indus Novateur excel as Mobile Application Development company rendering out distinct apps for simplifying business activities. Implementation of enterprise based mobile apps makes handling of enterprise operations with ease. We develop Apps, suited for all types of mobile operating systems like Android, Windows and iOS. Nowadays, mobile enjoyers are drastically increasing every day. Development of mobile apps would be useful to merge entire actions providing instant notifications to functionalities surrounded in and out of specified enterprise. It provides quick and cost effective access to necessary information requested by user. Our explored solution is useful to industrial people and customers to stay updated and connected.

Mobile App Development is catered for varied types of industries requiring to operate company in digital format.  Effective solutions ultimately uplifts name of enterprise since applications are created with dynamic viewing ability that gets changed according to specific requirements of users. Penetration towards mobile usage pre-dominantly helps consumers to look about your profile before they commit for certain compromises.

Andriod Development

Highly flexible Android Apps are developed with creative and user centric speculation. Latest technologies and tools are used by us to implement business based mobility solutions according to your specifications.

  • Boosts profits.
  • Attractive UI.
  • Open Source.
  • Seamless communication.
  • Low Investment and High ROI.
  • Easy Adoption.

Iphone Development

Quality rich iOS apps are designed for client specifications. Our application makes running of your business to be simple since sophisticated engineering practices are being adopted. It creates a brand image to your concern.

  • Greatly Secured
  • Facilitates Ad Promotions.
  • IAd Integrations.
  • Higher Scalability.
  • Flexible to Use.
  • Language Conversion.

Windows Development

Steady rise of Windows Platform lead to the creation of exclusive application for this platform. Our apps are tailored to meet individual requirements of customers in order to engage easily with business operations.

  • Market Opportunities.
  • Scheduling and reminding of tasks.
  • Cost Effective.
  • Low Deployment Costs.
  • Easy to Maintain.
  • Online/Offline usage.

What Do Mobile Apps Cater To Its Users?

  • Mobile application comforts in providing features similar to web portal used in Personal Computers adding value to access required resource from any location.
  • Customers often wait to get response from firm. With integration of mobile applications, sales representatives can answer customer queries faster thereby increasing sales orders.
  • If product requirements are clearly framed in application, firm’s authorities can analyse needs of customers so as to plan accordingly.
  • Transformation towards mobile apps increases grade of industry accelerating performance leading way to attain success.
  • Scalable software provides security to information. Unauthorized accessing and usage are restricted from third party accessing paving way to eliminate loss or redundancy in data.
  • Our Extra ordinary solution connects employees of concern to carry out production life cycle in sequential order without any delay.
  • Friendly interface provided gives personalized capabilities to users filtering information and produces results as specified by app users.
  • Sharing of information between employees makes them stay updated about different scenarios happening in concern.


  • Connectivity across whole areas of organisation makes effective processing of industrial entities. Synchronization with mobile apps increases speed and simplifies assorted operations. In case of customer applications it directly links to sales representatives so that they get answers to their queries instantly.
  • Remainder feature available gives notifications at right time to employees regarding what they should do. It eventually supports them to do their activities and update their completed tasks from any location.
  • Customized application works well in varied OS like Android, iOS and Windows platforms. Structure is designed distinctly according to specific Operating Systems so that effective usage on device comes into scenario.
  • Tracking facility available guides respective specialists to track their assets easily. Location and working hours can be examined through digitalized system. Working condition of equipments gets analysed, through which repairing time can be correctly noted without any loss.
  • Inventory management system determines exact stock availability of concern facilitating standard maintenance and production achievement hits according to demands in order to move towards profitable path.
  • Deployment of mobile platform gives faster access to entire requirements. Up gradations can be deployed easily to all mobile devices making it effective to handle daily process. Assistance is provided for 24/7.


  • Apps add Promotion to company by attracting customers who were not aware of you. Crafting of apps reaps customers soon thereby guaranteeing enhancements of events with ease.
  • GPS Enabled applications are very much useful for organisations to predict usage of moving as well as idle assets. It helps them to predict activities based on which fraudulent activities can be reduced.
  • Architecture of it is designed in such a way that helps organisation’s administration to go in an ordered format. Enhanced administration leads way to attain success scenarios soon.
  • Reports generated for every activity log helps to audit performance of employees, sales percentage, production process, and service issued to employees etc. Graphical representation on several information makes analyses to be effective making auditing easier.
  • Enhanced solution gives business opportunities through which organisation gets enlarged getting profit. It also leads way to attain more market space in competitive environment.
  • Redundancy in data management eliminated through software solution. Application manages critical data so that task management of varied operations is noted accurately without repetitions.
  • Mobile application development for organisations makes them to have efficient management of their wide spread practices based on which contingency, sales and services get enlarged.
  • App community makes market showcase allowing customers and representatives to engage in real time environment.
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