We are Android Application Development Company in India and Middle East Countries, involved in developing android apps for industries to make every people in your concern stay connected. If a versatile user friendly applications are developed then it gives out flexibility to manage industrial process more easily. Implementation of android mobile apps helps organisational team to actively increase performance. Customized solution gives smooth transition to establish communication among industrial people and also with customers. At Indus, we design and develop android mobile application for specific requirements of industries provoking delivery of quality services. Software solutions are suited for any type of android devices and also available for small to large scale companies.

- Expertise In Android Application Development -

Phenomenal mobile applications are refined at our android app development company.


Attractive android apps performs distinct processes with high UI design. Compatible app provides easy navigation towards info requested by users.


Notifications on launch on new products can be pushed up through android mobile apps. By doing so, purchase of products by users takes place smoothly.


Apps are provided with online/offline capabilities to support users for viewing and updating data on to web server whenever it is to be done.


Android apps are developed with navigation feature to recognize location actively. This option guides users to go in correct route on their travel to reach destination.


Exchange of data among multiple resources occurs easily through SAP Android apps. It allows access to information from anywhere and at any time.


Cache memory implementation promotes for faster loading of info on multiple requests of users thereby improving UI. Frequently accessed details are stored under this section.

Mainly business based mobile apps are developed to do marketing since it leads efficient way to brand their products. Integration with the social media and email marketing reaches large number of customers. It is similar to website reaching right number of target audience transforming company towards success scenarios. Affordable option to industries enhances communication via user friendly design.

  • Android apps establish communication across all departments making production process to go in a procedural way.
  • Low investment is needed for Android application since it is open source. Due to this reason, all range of companies can adopt and execute optimal technology into their processing.
  • Routine tasks synchronized along application aids employees of company to schedule and complete their tasks on time reducing delay.
  • Android apps are customized with greater flexibility towards all needs and functionalities of your company. Tools available help to withstand in frequent updations.
  • User friendly application gives accurate results for user specifications paving way to attain more number of customers.
  • Since android occupies largest ecosystem, development of mobile applications captures wide range of customers towards your industry.
  • Complete visibility across entire operations is provided by application. As multiple language support is available it gives guidance to users in analyzing details easily.
  • Security stands as an important factor in business app management. Details protected from third party accessing and alerts are made for avoiding unauthorized accessing.
  • Scheduling and integration of tasks with our solution makes process to be completed on time and delivered in qualified manner.
  • Wireless technology helps to communicate among team members leading to increase organisational efficiency.
  • Real time information provided with traditional back end system establishes communication with multiple devices.
  • Multi tasking which is very much essential nowadays would be made available with help of android app.
  • Better means of advertising and branding of your products happens by using of android applications.
  • Development of apps gives out direct interaction with customers and also resolves queries within a moment.
  • Loyal service gets enriched since accessibility is provided on real time and also customers feel comfortable in analyzing what does organisation is actually doing.
  • Spreading of industrial aspects across more places happens with mobile app. Communication with other similar companies increases thereby leading to widen partners and revenue to firm.
  • Touch screen interface makes comfortable for app users in searching information on web interface similar to personal computers. User interface pattern helps doing marketing easily and at faster rate.
  • As Android is open source platform, specific tools and other special licenses are not required. Only augmentation, testing and releasing charges are to be maintained which is affordable to all range of industries.
  • Mobile apps on Android is said to be smart choice of company as it allows doing customization as per their specifications. High Return on Investment obtained within short period of time through exclusive branding of products.
  • Ecommerce application makes tight integration with sales. It gives out effective propagation over various advertisements like offers and discounts thereby increasing sales of your products.
  • Notifications on launch of new products is a kind of marketing practice played mobile app to grab out more number of target audience.
  • Location based services can also be catered with digital solution. It initially gets customers personal details, requirements of particular locality people so that their desire will be predicted and better service contributed to them.
  • Indus Novateur is pronounced for android app development. Apps are developed for industries and commercial organisations would wish to digitize their internal organizational activities and also to brand their products across worldwide.
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