Tracer is new generation software solution used to trace assorted assets of organisation. Tracer tracks and monitors all functionalities associated with assets of your company. Vendors are benefited in large number for effective management of resources. Both idle and moving objects of firm can be traced and monitored by business managers even from remote location leading to increase their performance.

Adoption of GPS technology easily monitors company’s belongings. Integration of software encrypted solution is affordable and endorsed by all type of industries to ease burden on asset management. Considering vehicles, details delivered include  speed, location, distance travelled etc and for idle machineries info like their working hours, operational features etc are produced making work order sorting easier.


  • Real time visibility gives security in enhanced approach. Operational Excellence is greatly tackled with GPS.
  • Deployment of automated option reduces manual operations on management of fleet and other equipments that have tracer attachment.
  • Economy spent on vehicles and other important equity gets reduced since minute info is informed to concerned representatives.
  • Integrated of tracer increases performance of drivers and machineries operators so that productivity can be enriched.
  • Easy to use technology does not need any technical experts rather it can be easily adopted by non technical business managers in your organisations.
  • User friendly approach reduces theft and other illegal activities associated with resources of firm. 24/7 security gives alarms when third party comes in.
  • Fuel cost of vehicles occupies highest economy. Implementation of our solution cuts downs extra amount spent on fuel.
  • Maintenance cost of company’s belongings diminished through installation of tracking device.
  • Determination of consolidated working time of employees are analysed easily. By doing so, it is highly useful to grade their performance.
  • Complete details like location, speed, fuel level, temperature of reefer, total utilization time period, etc are exposed enriching your concern’s value.
  • Enterprise gets reports during every time period through which customer response would be provided at right time to engage with customers for long term.


GPS Tracking system is used to track and monitor activities associated with distinct assets of organisation. Optimized solution allows firm to have full control on resources leading way to attain profit. Customized application uses satellite based communication to transfer digital information. It utilizes network topology in order to capture vehicles and machineries activities placed at remote locations allowing end users to view information within desktop and handheld devices. Extra time and money spent on managing these valuable capitals of organisation reduced through efficient application. Route optimizations are achieved helps to deliver commodities at right timing.

Working Method of GPS Tracking System

  • Global Positioning System is a unique customer centric application working predominantly with satellites around globe to give out essential information set by industrial users. Both traditional and commercial users adopt surveillance methodology to view activities related to vehicles. It can also used to obtain information about fixed machineries of organisation.
  • Once if it is fixed into resource to be monitored, it starts collecting information related to its activities and sends to a central host server maintaining complete details. Tracking gives certain details like location, speed, stoppages, fuel level, trips per day etc through sensors attached to it.
  • Considering fixed assets tracer gives various information like total hours of utilization, production yield obtained through it, fuel/electricity usage etc so that efficient utilization is achieved.


  • Information about fleet are tracked continuously and reports up- to- date so that enterprise owners can view required details accurately as it is easy to read.
  • Reports obtained help users to analyse information so that keys areas of improvisation on efficiency can be attained.
  • Synchronized mechanism directs for scheduling of resources leading way to increase overall productivity.
  • Customer satisfaction stands as a prior importance for every organisation. Integrated system guides to deliver products at right time grasping more number of customers towards their concern.
  • Incredible solution keeps valuable private info with high security that no third party intruders can access their details.
  • Geo fencing feature available in GPS tracking alerts business managers in case if any of fleet moves out of fenced locations, enabling secured travelling.
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