Fuel Monitoring System monitors and Records fuel resource in fleets and other machineries automatically through GPS technology. Amount of fuel consumed by vehicle is reported to a web server system acknowledging accurate details on propellant dispensed. Tracer – FMS is designed for precision measurement in varied kinds of vehicle tanks, also in vats of fixed installations. Standard sensor or an additional measuring device is used for tank monitoring or vehicle tracking systems.  Automated system effectively analyses flow in fleet for all types of energy resources like petrol, diesel, LPG etc thereby balancing economy spent. GPS enabled system monitors and reports fuel level along with location, distance travelled per day through which calculation of consumed energy becomes transparent.

Prevents Fraud of Fuel

Usage of fuel monitoring device greatly prevents illegal activities associated with it. Sudden decline in fuel rate, theft are alerted to concerned representatives so that fraud activities get eliminated.

Information About Fuel Consumption

Accurate information on fuel consumption after every filling can be noted through this solution. Calculation of cost per Km, its efficiency etc is reported so that consumption are analysed effortlessly.

Fuel Tank Analysis

GPS enabled solution typically finds out amount of fuel in tank over certain time period. Digital sensors fundamentally reports on accurate fuel available thereby avoiding draining of it during travel.

High Precision Measurement

Measurement of productivity through fuel happens by integrated fuel monitoring sensors. Detailed information on every drop of fuel gathers precision status that could be achieved through fuel.

Fuel Usage History

Historical info on amount of fuel being consumed per day is noted using these sensors. Monthly, weekly reports by GPS solution help to calculate overall economy spent towards fuel.

Prevents Unauthorized Use of Fuel

Cutting edge on finding amount of fuel being thefted is tracked through GPS solution. Unauthorized usage on fuel is instantly notified to fleet managers in order to catch hold of these activities.

A simple working methodology is associated with fuel monitoring system. Initial process is to fix GPS system onto tank of asset to be tracked and monitored. Once when vehicle starts moving it automatically tracks its gradual flow of in tank. Connection with central host system receives and stores details for further operations. Information about stock level, refilling details etc is recorded and saved creating controlling of consumption easier. Accurate amount of material dispensed are noted even from remote locations.

  • Exact measurement of utilization helps to manage its rate during travelling and also at idle state easing out calculation of expenditure. Security towards malfunctions like theft, leakages etc controlled.
  • Running cost of vehicle on proper administration leads to increase productivity into considerable range.
  • Speed surveying gives out way to have better efficiency tracking solution paves way to forecast amount of energy furnished for particular momentum.
  • Alerts and notifications are made when there is any flaw in container having Global Positioning system installed to it.
  • Reliable and accurate information about fuel volume in tank is Defines accurate rate of oil/energy prevailing in equipment.
  • Thefts are greatly controlled as detection on sudden decrease of petroleum in tank occur restricting unauthorized activities.
  • Remote system guides organisational managers to access information about their fleet any time whenever they are in need of.
  • Determine actual usage on daily basis through which functional behaviour analysation exists effortlessly.
  • Possibility to track vehicles happens through FMS. It gives certain details like location, speed, stoppages, fuel consumption per km etc through which efficient handling of vehicle will be made possible.
  • This solution delivers digital mapping about vehicle along with periodic notifications about current status in order to analyze asset performance.
  • Wireless tank monitoring system assists vehicle tracking process because it hand over’s certain details about fuel volume for 24/7 i.e. enabling of day and night monitoring adds high security.
  • Fuel monitoring system is designed with a distinct strategy that real time monitoring occurs smoothly.
  • Historical information on daily usage details are stored in a centralised system through which monthly auditing on amount spent can be.
  • Reports on utilization are generated in a document and also graphical model. This statistical report helps to sense details accurately.
  • Filling and draining of fuel are noted along with accurate timing so that rotational time period on how long it lasts can be predicted.
  • Apart from this system other sensors could also be attached to monitor movements associated with Yet, GPS affixed system coordinates with them giving out good results.
  • Automated system transmits data about vehicle from any locations around globe since it uses satellite communication for transferring details continuously.

Calculating Fuel Consumption Becomes Easy

  • Mileage matters as vital point in fuel. Monitoring and calculation of actual distance given out by it happens through this system.
  • By doing this, cost spent on material per mile can be With this data organisational representatives are free to estimate details easily and also they can take sourceful decisions at right timing.

Reduces theft

  • By implementing GPS fuel monitoring system, theft reduction goes to higher extend. Managers do not have any risk on doing this since this motorized system gives accurate reports on consumption for pre defined time period.
  • This system delivers notifications if there is a sudden decrease and also when there occurs over filling of fuel beyond capacity. Through this configured system illegal activities are totally eliminated.


  • Security to propellant in tank and other fixed assets can be achieved with help of this configured solution.
  • These sensors are involved in surveillance for 24/7 through which unauthorized or illegal activities are noted and reported immediately.
  • Cost Effective system to track and monitor any number of vehicles.
  • Reduces paperwork in estimating economy spent.
  • Analyses tank capacity and notify how much fuel should be filled.
  • Time interval between every refilling are noted with this system.
  • Reports on every process give details up to date and stores it in host computer for reference purposes.
  • Vehicle identifications are made possible with this system through which actual capacity determination comes into scenario.
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