Temperature Monitoring System tracks temperature of reefer carrying sensitive goods. GPS tracer solution offers best way for refrigerated asset monitoring solution.  Our solution includes alarms, operational status and state changes. Dedicated team of skilled technicians is available round clock in case of troubleshooting and to ensure complete satisfaction of our esteemed clients. Autonomous supervising system continuously records its status for periodic time periods paving way for delivering materials with high quality. GPS based solution allows having proper maintenance of fleet’s warmth/ cold state. Wireless system gives continuous updates on real time enabling to have efficient transportation of commodities.

Tracer range of products is developed with a mission on maximizing technology and objectives of customers by delivering sound, cost effective and timely solutions. Tracer solution is particularly used to maintain temperature of reefer placed in vehicle carrying goods and also in industrial warehouse containing furnished products.  Items like ice cream, medicine, perishable goods, food items etc are to be preserved with accurate stature till it is delivered for end customers can be protected with our solution.


Temperature monitoring solution accurately monitors each and every movement in reefer such that it maintains hot /cold status accurately adding security towards items through GPS for fleet and also refrigerator.


Wireless technology measures temperature in such a way that validates temperature or humidity to be maintained. By doing so, it makes sure that monitoring of products temperature is done accurately.


Affordable solution delivers reports for every action that prevails in reefer temperature. These reporting tools help business owners to know about exact temperature to be maintained for each item avoiding wastages.


As GPS solution uses wireless technology it greatly enhances user experience to operate reefer temperature from any locale. Adjust of temperature according to changes can be done from any place.


Digitalized solution triggers notifications and alerts during critical situations. This information helps concerned representatives to take decisive at right timing to avoid irregularities.


Controlling of reefer temperature can be processed from remote location. Based on notifications received prior actions on manipulating temperature are done with ON or shut down of reefer completely.

  • Continuous checking of reefer status for 24/7.
  • Frequent changes are reported immediately to concerned managers.
  • In order to avoid wastage of goods, it stands as an obvious solution.
  • Alerts and notifications are sent during every critical situation.
  • Manual errors in administration are totally eliminated.

Temperature monitoring system works with integration of GPS system into fleet which is has to be monitored. Installation of simple technique combines with web based system to collect specified details and reports via centralised host system synchronized to receive information. Automated solution ensures delivering right product with defined aspect satisfying customers.

Remote Monitoring

  • Tracking System monitors refrigerators placed in vehicles remotely. It provides effective, real time location, etc over web interface.
  • Wireless system gives live updates on changing environmental conditions thereby enabling user access from anywhere.

Regular Controlling

  • Internet based system allows to control prominence remotely without third party intervention so that proper workflow comes into scenario.
  • Overall control is in hands of industrial authorities. You are given ability to change according to varying situations.

Increase Productivity

  • Real time system maintains accurate individuality throughout travel provoking customer satisfaction on delivering qualified product.
  • GPS system allows organisation to provide best service to consumers, increasing sales process and productivity of firm.

Cost Effective

  • Digitalized solution is affordable to all types of industries intending to deliver trait products to clients.
  • Optimal solution gets combined with their vehicles and warehouse promoting for empowerment in continuous monitoring thereby reducing loss of products.

Adds Security

  • If more sensitive goods like drugs, food products are carried in fleet. Installation of efficient device captures info accurately adding security to commodities.
  • Sensors attached onto equipment detect motion, change of sequence avoiding incidence of certain irregularities.
  • Live mapping grants certain information on location, speed, humidity prevailing in and out of truck etc. Privileged people can access at any time whenever you are in need of, as complete control is under organisation.
  • Reliable solution tracks continuously from remote locations. Software system sends reports for defined time interval. It tells about even minute changes eliminating occurrence of loss of products.
  • It is suitable for all types of fleets like trucks, cars, and heavy assets etc carrying goods over long distance in order to deliver to end consumers.
  • Highly customized system diagnosis environmental changes accurately through which rise or fall of warmth/cold are noted and rectified immediately.
  • Alerts and notifications are sent for every process associated of automotives. Flexible system sends SMS / email based notifications to host server in order to take decisive actions at right timings.
  • Simple Easy to use system is highly scalable in such a way prompting to give out elementary products to end customers so that they stand at higher position among their competitors.
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